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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Favorite reads ~ March 2021


Favorite books of March 2021

I had a really busy month, ARC after ARC and I thought I will break under that many books, but here we are, I survived! March was the busiest reading month like ever. All the books on my list were ARCs. 

And here comes my favorite list. 

You can find my reviews if you click on them.

Favorite from a new-to-me author:

Headstrong by Eden Finley 

Favorite shifter, paranormal:

That Mafioso Magic by Nicholas Bella 

Favorite surprise-cute book:

Wishes for Rohi by KL Hiers 

Favorite audiobook:

Theoden by Nicholas Bella, Narrated by  Christian J. Gilliland

Favorite dark:

The Offering Surrender by Rosary Deville 

Favorite erotica: 

A Stanza on Skin by Daniel May

Favorite pair: 

Austin & Charlie - Unapologetically Me by Colette Davison 

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