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Thursday, April 01, 2021

~ The Vanishing by Karla Nikole ~


Author: Karla Nikole
Title: The Vanishing
Series: Lore & Lust 2 (not a standalone)
Pages: 322
Release date: 2021 April 1
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Rating: ★★★☆☆ 


Nearly two centuries ago, hundreds of purebred vampires disappeared without any explanation—vanished like mist swept away in the breeze.

Nino Bianchi and Haruka Hirano are mated purebred vampires: madly in love and exploring the depths of their young bond. But an unexpected event brings their cozy lives to a screeching halt. A new vanishing, much too close to home.

The world of Lore and Lust stretches deeper with more romance, mystery, love and trust. A queer vampire love story full of heart and delicious heat.

My review: 

I couldn't wait to put my hands on this book because I loved the first so, so much. 

So imagine my face when I read the book and was disappointed in it. I wanted to DNF it at least three times! Three times! But I stayed, becuase I really wanted to know how Haru and Nino's story will end. But the other stuff in the books... they were boring as hell. 

Haru and Nino's relationship is sweet, I love them together and it's really adorable when they in romance mode. All sweet stuffs. So their love toward each other is the best in this book, and the only thing I didn't put it aside. But aside that...

My main concern is, why putting MF scenes in an MM romance? And I'm not talking about off page romance, the MF scenes were there. There were several chapters filled with MF, and the worst - there were 2 (!!!!) MF sex scene too. If I want to read about MF couples, I'll go and pick something from the MF world (which I don't). If you go and put straigh characters with hetero sex in your book, put a damn tigger warning in you book. 

Why was it important, I still don't get it? Give those straight vampires their HEA in a short story, but not in the main book where MM is the centre. 


'The Vanishing' itself first was exciting too, but after a while it got boring too. It wasn't strong enough plot for the book, and it ended really easily too. 

Haru was adorable when he couldn't say sexy words but Nino pushed him to say those.

The ending was sweet, but I couldn't appreciate it as much as I wanted to. This book is a disappointment for me and I'm so sad about it. Haru and Nino were two unique vampire in my heart, but after reading this book... I don't know. I just want to forget about this book.

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