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Monday, April 26, 2021

~ A Real Good Lie by Kate Hawthorne ~


Author: Kate Hawthorne
Title: A Real Good Lie
Pages: 284
Release date: 2021 April 27
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Rating: ★★★★☆(4,5)


Callahan McMillian - age 31
Relationship status - Very single, and I like it that way.
Looking for - Someone to make my ex-boyfriend jealous for the weekend.
Biggest regret - Rhys St. George
Hobbies - N/A

Jace Dare - age 26
Relationship status - DTF
Looking for - a good time, not a long time
Biggest regret - kissing that hottie at the bar two weeks ago and letting him leave without getting his phone number
Hobbies - art, photography, dancing, hanging out with my friends

Callahan and Jace couldn’t be less compatible, but they've been set up for the weekend and there's no going back. Callahan's pride is on the line, his mouth is all over Jace, and they need to put in the performance of a lifetime if they’re going to make their very fake relationship look convincing. To sell the lie, Jace and Callahan reach an agreement: real attraction, pretend emotion. But when make believe turns into making love, the only people they’re fooling are themselves.

My review: 

Fake relationship turns into real love, ahh that's the kind of story I want. Kate did a really good job with this book. It wasn't kinky (as her other books), but I still enjoyed the hell out of it. 

Callahan and Jace, two very different people, met in a club then part ways just to fall in a fake-boyfriend relationship, thank to one of their friend. It was so good. Loved that both had Sebastian as their friend but wasn't aware of that. And please, I want Sebastian and Remington's story, how about...NOW?! 

Both Callahan and Jace had a long way ahead of them to get their HEA, but their journey was everything. Loved the difference between them and how hard they fought. And when they came together, it was scorching hot. Every little touches, every word, every thought - all those were perfect. Loved the photography too, but I though we got to see more of that. 

Really enjoyed the book, but somehow the characters weren't deep enough for me to got close to them, I liked them, but I can't say they're now a favorites of mine. They were good, hot and lovely, but I'm more interested in Sebastian, sorry.

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