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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

~ Bad Boy by Emma Alcott ~


Author: Emma Alcott
Title: Bad Boy 
Series: Masters of Romance 1 
Pages: 408
Release date: 2021 April 29
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (3,75)


They call me a bad boy, and thirteen years ago they would have been right.
I’ve done things I’m not proud of.
Served time.
Broken hearts and bones alike.
But I’m a changed man now. I don’t break the law for a living anymore; I write books about guys like me who fall in love with other guys. It’s as close to a happily ever after as I think I’ll get…
Until Colton shows up in my remote cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, so timid and young and sweet.
I’ve given up my wicked ways, but damn if he doesn’t make me want to do bad, bad things…

I didn’t mean to get lost on my way to the big New Year’s Eve party, and I definitely didn’t mean to drive my car into a snowbank, but here I am in the middle of nowhere, stranded in front of a creepy cabin, about to freeze to death.
The only way I’ll make it through the night is if I go inside, but there’s no telling who might be in there. It very well could be a serial killer, or a horror movie monster…
Or a bearded, tattooed bad boy with a big secret who’ll steal my heart and make me never want to leave.

Bad Boy is the first book in the Masters of Romance series, where romance authors don’t just write about happily ever afters—they live them. Get ready for love, laughter, and some serious steam. No cheating and no love triangles, guaranteed. Bad Boy can be read as a stand-alone, but it’s way more fun to binge them all. Which author are you most excited to see get his HEA?

My review: 

I really enjoyed the short story before this novel and I was looking forward to Colton's story.

Colton is a sweet young guy, I loved how precious he was. The starting scene was everything, he was the cutest ever when he tried to sneak into Russ's cabin.

Russ is - wow - just look at the cover. The hottest bad guy ever. And when these two met, wow, scorching hot! Towels got lost, and virgin boys lost their V-card. WOW. I loved that it was insta sex and insta love, there weren't one slow motion in this book. They were on each other all the time. Sex after sex. Not a surprise that they run out of condoms...

It was really sweet but I think it was a bit overwritten and it has a bit too many sex scenes? They haven't done anything, really, just jump into bed and pleaseure each other. Clothes weren't a priority to them.

Russ's 'secret identity' was really good, loved how he talked with his friends. And Colton, ahh, with his fear of everything, sweet, sweet boy.

Enjoyed reading it, but after 60% the story just repeated itself. (sex and more sex)

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