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Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Review ~ Heat Race by Tanya Chris

Heat Race

by Tanya Chris
Published by Tanya Chris Publishing (self-published)

M/M/M/M Paranormal Reverse Harem, 88K words

Available December 8, 2020 from Amazon in ebook and paperback. Eligible for Kindle Unlimited.


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It’s been two hundred years since alphas could knot and omegas could get pregnant, since anyone has shifted. Today’s hybrids are more human than wolf, but there’s one tradition they’ve retained from their animal ancestry: the heat race. With omegas in short supply, the annual heat race is every alpha’s chance to catch and claim an omega.

Jack Henry stands at the starting line, undecided. He could conspire to be caught by his best friend and childhood sweetheart, Elias, but would Elias be alpha enough for him? Maybe he’d prefer to be claimed by Saul, the huge and handsome alpha he’s always had a crush on. Then Jasper shows up—a stranger dressed in leather who emits such strong alpha vibes Jack Henry is ready to give himself up before the race even begins. But Jasper’s an unknown entity, whose confidence might be indicative of a desire to control.

Jack Henry can’t decide, and so he runs, turning his fate over to fate itself as he’s pursued by all three of his suitors plus the one alpha he can’t abide—Lon, a violent and regressive man who won’t take no for an answer. Jack Henry is going to need more than one alpha to keep him safe. And to keep him satisfied.

During a long night of danger and triumph, the Treehouse Pack is formed. But beyond the heat race lies an uncertain future. Jack Henry, Elias, Saul, and Jasper might each face their own insecurities, fight their own fights, and find their place in the pack as they navigate uncharted waters together. Because it turns out that legendary abilities like knotting, shifting, and child bearing might be more than just relics of the past.

Heat Race is a full-length M/M/M/M reverse harem omegaverse story, separate from the Omega Reimagined world.


“You really do have to make a choice,” Saul told Jack Henry as he got the rest of the way undressed. It felt good to be naked. The clothes had become too much—a civilized veneer covering something that was no longer civil. “If you don’t speak up, one of us is going to go too far. And I don’t want it to be me.”

“Me either,” Elias said. “I want to respect your right to choose, but it needs to be soon.”

Jasper rose to his feet so the three of them surrounded the omega. Jack Henry turned in the center of the triangle they made, surveying them. He looked pleased, neither scared or uncertain, the only one of them still dressed but as lost to the call of the moon as any of them.

“Make a choice,” Saul begged him. “Because this is getting…” Difficult, tense, uncomfortable. Hard. So hard. Saul massaged his cock, unable to resist its insistence any longer.

Jack Henry kept rotating. Every time he faced Saul, Saul felt the heat of his eyes. Jack Henry wanted him, had always wanted him. Saul knew it, but Jack Henry didn’t say it. What he said was, “I don’t wanna.”

“Don’t wanna fuck?” Jasper asked doubtfully, his voice laced with humor.

“Don’t wanna choose. I like you all.”

“But who do you like best?” Elias insisted.

Jack Henry shook his head, still revolving slowly, his eyes and teeth gleaming. “There is no best. I couldn’t decide before the race, and I can’t decide now. Jasper’s my bad boy, so ruthless and feral. Saul’s my dreamboat, big but kind. And Elias is my best friend, the one I turn to, the one I tell my dreams to. I want it all. I want all of you.”

“Then what are we going to do?” Saul asked helplessly. If the only answer was to fight, he had the strength for it, but the three of them had banded together to protect Jack Henry. It seemed a shame to turn their cooperation into a competition—a bloody and perhaps lethal one. But if Jack Henry couldn’t choose for himself, how were they supposed to choose for him?  

About the Author

Tanya is an avid rock climber, a long-distance runner, and a participant in her local community theater where she has tackled most roles, including playwright, actor, director, producer, and stage manager. Her travels, both for climbing trips and for cultural exploration, have brought her to places as fascinating as Egypt and as beautiful as the Dolomites, though there's no place like home.
Twitter: @tanyachrs



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My review:

Oh-my fuckinggod! This book was everything! EVERYTHING.

The only thing I knew, when I started the book was that it's mpreg and reverse harem. And ohmygod it was perfect! 

At first I was afraid of the 4 POVs, I rarely read harem books and I really wanted to love this one, and there wasn't a single problem with this book. The different POVs were well written, I loved how different the characters were. 

Jack Henry, the Omega. Jasper, the uber-alpha. Elias, the best friend alpha. Saul, the alpha who loves to bottom. It's such an awesome pack. Loved everyone.

Jack Henry was a great character, he was a cute omega. Jasper was the sweetest and caring alpha and I loved that he wasn't the bossy one and he was really friendly with the guys. He was the one who could really mate with Jack Henry and he deserved it, but his brain told him that Jack Henry's needs are the first and he made a pack instead. 

Elias was good too, I loved that he was so in love with his best friend, he wanted the best and everything for his love. It was really cute, but he was still an alpha, and his insecutities with being in a pack and 'under' another alpha was hard for him. I loved the way he came from the beginning, his journey was the best in the book, he changed the most, and it was really good to see it.

Saul was the loveliest and I LOOOVED how he was with Jasper. It was so hot! Jach Henry was THE omega, but Saul was the second best thing in this book and I loved that he was happy in his skin and accepting with his needs to be under someone while he was still an alpha. His part of the story was a bit heartbreaking, his family's scenes were sad, but I was happy that at the end everything was great. 

I couldn't wait for the mpreg part of the story, it was interesting that they were living in a world where omegas couldn't get pregnant, but now, that they know that uber-alphas are a thing and after they made a pack it could be possible to be pregnant - oh so good! Loved that they were using condoms and that it wasn't a surprise pregnancy, it was so much better this way. 

The mating scenes were the best, I really loved when they got together. It was a bit disappointing that the heat scene was this short - I love heat scenes and was looking forward to this foursome to have an amazing heat for days... *sigh* 

I LOVED this book. From the very start. It was perfect. And the ending was so sweet too, ahhh! 

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