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Monday, December 14, 2020

Bryce Can Play Series by Travis Beaudoin

Author: Travis Beaudoin
Series: Bryce Can Play
1. On Display
2. Couples Therapy
3. Turned Out
4. Throw Hips
5. Quick Study
6. In the Dark
7. Roadside Assistance
8. Reclaimed

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Rating: ★★★★★


BRYCE CAN PLAY is a series of gay erotic shorts. Each story chronicles the adventures of Bryce, a sexy submissive slut in a non-monogamous marriage. Bryce has permission to play around while his husband’s out of town, so he’s cramming his week as full of sexual adventures as he can. With a little luck and a lot of can-do spirit, he’s going to make his husband proud while also earning a rigorous punishment.

These stories are for ADULTS who enjoy explicit depictions of gay sexual encounters. Some episodes are kinkier than others, but each explores the idea of power exchange and giving and taking control.

My review:

How and why haven't I found this author/series sooner? My mind is blown away.

It was everything I love and need. Perfectly written erotica with BDSM elements and so many emotions.

Loved the concept, every part is a different day in Bryce life while his husband is away for one week. We got to see different kinks, and Bryce in different situations, but one thing was the same in every book - the love between Bryce and Mat. I love a good love story behind my erotica, and this series was just perfect.

Sharing and having sex with different people day after day isn't for anyone, but I love it just good! I mean, reading... ;) 

Monday, there was Theo, who is older, with the big dildo and the little touches. It was a good intro for this series and I couldn't wait to see Bryce this whole week and what is he up to.

Tuesday, there were his friends, Cort and Alec, and what do you think happend in this part? Yeah, a threesome! Loved it! Although I love my threesomes with more penetration, but nevermind, I loved it just well. The BJs were really hot and the whole scene was amazing. Two bottom and one top, everyone is eager to please. 

Wendesday, we got to meet Carey, the bisexual, married man, and we got to see Bryce top him. It was passionate, it was messy and hot. I wanted to know more about Carey, but his shyness was a real turn on for Bryce, and for me too, I loved reading it.

Thursday, a dirty motel room and a tattooed Skye, it was my least favorite, I just couldn't get into this mindset. It was't hot for me and couldn' see Bryce enjoying it either. But it was another load and another men in his week, so yeah.

Friday, that was my favorite day of the week, because we got to see some teacher/student action. Atlhough it wasn't that taboo, because Julián was a former student of Bryce's, but I really enjoyed in nontheless. It was hot with that little public scene, the bondage and just the thought that they are in a teacher/student mindset, aww so good. Julián was my favorite.

Saturday, you know, the party day. Bryce went back to where it all began - to the gay bath house where he met Mat. It was the hottest day, Bryce in the darkness with those men. It was mostly a gangbang, and I looooove reading those, and with all that darkness going on, oh wow. Hot as hell! And I loved to read more about Bryce and Mat's first meet. 

Saturday evening, when Bryce is ready to go home and sleep, but his car doesn't think so. Who haven't dreamt about some roadside sex? And Bryce just got it real good. Oh, hell, it was so, so hot! Especially when that lady slowed down and they haven't stopped what they were doing. Jack was a hot one. 

Then come Sunday, and Mat is back in town. HOLYHELLLLLL. I could't wait! I was waiting for this day from the very start, and it was so, so HOT! All the reclaiming, all the emotions, with Bryce being a real submissive with safewords, Mat is the dom of all doms, but my favorites were when Mat got affectionate and stepped out a bit from his Sir persona to check on Bryce. It was everything. And when he got Bryce to repeat those names again and again, ah so hot. Loved the role play and loved the LOVE between these two.

This series was a really great journey, I loved reading it. It was a quick but hot as hell read. I love it when someone can tell this many things in this short amount of time. Quick and short reads with this many erotica and love - these are my favorites. This kind of thing tells the more about the author's writing style, and I'm here for MORE!!! 

About the Author: 

Having lived in Miami, Chicago, and NYC, I eventually ended up twenty minutes from where I was born, in Nowhere, Virginia, where the days are quiet and the stars are bright. I share a big old farmhouse with my unbelievably supportive husband, a terrorist cat, and the world’s most neurotic dog.

I am nerdy about lots of things, including but not limited to classical rhetoric, the lives of the saints, Egyptian mythology, Shakespeare, contemporary fantasy, and the Muppets. Nevertheless, I am fun at parties.

I like rainy days, long drives, and cuddling. I drink more coffee than I ought.

Though it sometimes contains more plot and character development than strictly necessary, I get off on writing filthy gay erotica, usually with a light-to-moderate D/s edge. I hope you enjoy it.

I am active on Twitter (@beaudoin_travis) and check Goodreads when I remember to. You can sign up for my newsletter under the Free Smut tab (simultaneously earning some free smut for your troubles), and message me using the form under the Contact tab.

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