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Saturday, December 05, 2020

~ Jingle Bell Rock ~


Authors: Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine
Title: Jingle Bell Rock
Series/Edition: Holiday romance with characters from across the Ella/Brooke universe
Pages: 127
Release date: 2020 November 30
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Rating: ★★★★★


The crossover event to end all crossovers!

One night. Seven couples. A Christmas they’ll never forget.

Jingle Bell Rock features seven couples from across the Ella and Brooke universe, all coming together in one story to bring you joy, happiness, and a little Christmas cheer.


Logan & Tate (Temptation Series)
Ace & Dylan (Preslocke Series)
Viper & Halo (Fallen Angel Series)
Robbie, Julien, & Priest (Confessions Series)
Panther & Solo (Elite Series)
Shaw & Trent (South Haven Series)
Paige & Dawson w/Ryleigh (LA Liaisons Series)

My review: 

My heart and my eyes can't take this book. I cried so hard so many times. All the happy tears! 

When I saw Logan's name on the chapter, I cried. When I saw Priest' name, I cried. When I saw Ace's, I cried. So yeah, I cried my way through this book.

It was everything and a bit more. My only problem is the length - it was so short. Hundred pages wouldn't be enough of them. 

Logan and Tate being husbands, Robbie on a plane with them while Julien and Priest haven't told him why are they flying to LA. Robbie in front of Ace and being speechless. Ace and Dylan being the sweetest. Ahh. But the best - Priest and Robbie ice skating. My heart! That scenes - all the happy tears. I thought there wouldn't be a scene better than Priest singing karaoke, but now, oh god! 

Loved the whole scene with this Christmas concert with the Fallen Angel - Halo and Viper was so good. (and OMG!!!!! The engagement. CRYING!!!) Trent and Shaw was good to, and I'm happy that they are okay. 

The concert, just wow! Logan crushing on Halo is everything. I was laughing so hard! 

And loved that Panther and Solo was there too. Ahh, this book is everything.

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