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Monday, December 14, 2020

Release Blitz, Excerpt & Giveaway ~ Unraveled by Claire Olivia Golden


Unraveled by Claire Olivia Golden

Release Day: December 14, 2020


Unraveled by Claire Olivia Golden

Release Date: December 14, 2020

Publisher: Gurt Dog Press
Genre: LGBTQIA+ YA Fantasy

Content warnings: Abduction, drugging, suicide, anxiety and OCD, mental health prejudice


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Aurora Davis, expert crocheter, lives an ordinary life... until a mysterious crochet shawl appears at the store where she works, Yarn Emporium. The Briars and Roses Shawl, which claimed the life of its previous owner, pulls Auri under its spell. Unable to stop crocheting, she embarks on a quest to break the curse.

Catherine Bishop has a hard enough time fighting her OCD every day without a curse being thrown into the mix. But when her beloved grandmother dies, Cat suspects there's something more to her death. Her investigation leads her to Auri... whom she's been crushing on for months. 

Auri and Cat plunge into a magical world where ancient curses tangle together and faeries seek revenge. As they navigate Feylinn and their blossoming romance, it soon becomes clear that Auri is in serious danger…and her life isn't the only one at stake.


I reached for the amulet around my neck—a glass bottle filled with dried rowan berries, rosemary, marigold, and a few daisy petals—worrying the chain between my fingers. Grandma had given it to me when I had first moved in with her in an attempt to make me feel safer, and I had never taken it off. Usually me fidgeting with it was a cue for her to put an arm around me, but she didn't even notice.

"Grandma," I said quietly, my voice coming out weird.

She didn't even respond.

I said her name again, louder, and then tugged at her arm. She whirled to face me, and it took a moment for her eyes to focus on my face. "What's going on with you?" I asked.

"I'm just fine, sweetie," she said.

"You've been spacey all day. Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm just having an off day. We all have them."

True, but something about this just seemed… strange. "Is something going on?"

"I want to get home and take a nap. I've got a headache coming on."

"I'll make you some tea." Grandma swore by herbal remedies, and they always made me feel better, or maybe it was just the love she put into them. "You want to watch a movie or something?"

"I just want to be left alone."

She didn't usually snap at me like this. It stung. "Okay. I'm sorry." I was just trying to help, but if space was what she needed, I could give it to her. 

We had reached the car, and Grandma unlocked it and climbed into the driver's seat without another word. I slid into the seat beside her, did my seat belt, and tried not to worry about her the whole way home. Which, of course, never worked. The more you try not to worry about something, the more it sticks in your head. My life was a cycle of trying to chase worries away, but they always came back.


Win one of two e-book copies of Unraveled and a signed and personalized bookplate, plus a crochet bookmark from the author. International giveaway.

For the chance to win, follow Clarie Olivia Golden on Instagram @onceuponayarn (, as well as Gurt Dog Press @gurtdogpress ( ), share and tag in your Instagram story. For an extra entry, also add Unraveled on your Goodreads and leave a comment on this post (any host-post works) with your usename that you added it with.

About the Author:

Claire Olivia Golden likes books, yarn, and the Oxford comma. She graduated summa cum laude from Portland State University in 2020 with a B.A. in French and English. Now she works as a full-time crochet designer for KnitCrate and, consequently, has more yarn than she knows what to do with. She believes that magic exists everywhere if you just look hard enough, and that life is more fun when you enjoy the little things.

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Collaboration with KnitCrate

My full-time job is product development for the yarn subscription company KnitCrate. I partnered with them to create an Unraveled kit, with a signed copy of the book and all the yarn necessary to make the “Unraveled Shawl.” This will be available for purchase through the KnitCrate website and they will promote on their social media as well. The kit releases on January 1. 

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