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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Blog Tour ~ Light After Dark by H.M. Wolfe & Evera Ellis


🎄 Light After Dark is LIVE now! 🎄

🎁 The Base Christmas Edition 🎁

🎄 by H.M. Wolfe and Evera Ellis 🎄

→Order Here:

Will their misunderstandings be the end of them before they had a chance to begin?

Ardan lives his life to rescue others from the hell he was put through. He built a haven so every survivor could have a place to feel safe. His nightmares plague him, but with the love of a good man, he is able to put some of those torments to bed. The other nightmares? He fights them every day.

Alasdair studies hard to be the best doctor he can be. After he was rescued from being sold, he struggled to come to terms with the new world he’d been thrust into. He knew Ardan wasn’t the person he should be mad at. In fact, Alasdair wasn’t mad with him; he was falling in love with him. 

Their struggles didn’t stop there. With every new rescue came new enemies and new alliances. Ardan and Alasdair built The Base to provide: Love. Loyalty. Protection.

It started as a safe haven and transformed into a community. A family.

How far is too far to keep everyone safe?

This is an MM romance and includes hurt/comfort, rescued children, budding friendships, cute babies and love.

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Cover by CJ Bishop

~Also on Kindle Unlimited~

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