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Sunday, March 28, 2021

~ Hijinks with a Hellhound by Louisa Masters ~

Author: Louisa Masters
Title: Hijinks with a Hellhound
Series: Hidden Species 3 (can read as standalone)
Pages: 251
Release date: 2021 March 25
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Rating: ★★★★☆


I’m a one-and-done kind of hellhound… I don’t catch feeeeeeeelings…

Once upon a time, my first and last relationship taught me that romantic love isn’t enough to stop your boyfriend from trying to kill you. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. My awesomeness is now strictly reserved for one-nighters and casual hookups. Sure, my friends seem to be matching up in romantic bliss, but screw that—I’m not interested.

Besides, things are heating up at the Community of Species Government, and I’m right in the thick of it all. Those bad guys are going down—and not in the good way. They might seem to have the drop on us right now, but we’re going to turn the tables on them. Even if it means going on a mission with Aidan Byrne.

I’m still not happy about the way Aidan handled things with my bestest bestie a few months back, even if he did turn out to be right. Plus, there’s something about him that rubs my fur in the wrong direction. He’s the kind of guy who thinks karaoke is only for college kids and looks down on me for licking my own balls. He also thinks that just because he’s the species leader, he’s in charge.

Too bad for him, I’ve never backed away from a challenge… even if it is unnervingly sexy and really bendy. A hookup won’t lead to feelings… right?

My review: 

I was waiting for Alistair's story since I met him in Demons Do It Better! And here we are, the third book in the series is finally his. 

After the second book (which I didn't liked as much as I wanted to) I was a bit afraid of this story. I had high expectations. I was mostly happy while reading the book, but I still ha problems with the storyline.

The book's biggest luck is that it's main character is Alistair, because without him this would be a boring book. Alistair is the best character ever and I'm happy that we got to see more about him in this book and he was just as hilarious as we got to know him earlier. He is funny and caring and just the perfect sunshine character you've ever met. I loved how he organized his friends, and it was really hilarious to see him interact with others. 

Aiden was a 'grey' character for me. Nothing unique and no one important thing that I could love about him, but he was good for Alistair. He was just there and did what was expected from him. Aiden just himself and the story without Alistair is just empty and not interesting at all. 

The storyline was slow and the whole book is about one or two days, the investigations were boring, the other characters were there just to fill the space, and I only enjoyed those scenes when Alistair was his true self. LOL 
The romance and erotica was weird for me. It was sudden - but really late in the book. I didn't see heart eyed characters, and missed the hot as hell erotica too, but I can skip those because of Alistair. 

After all it's a light 4 star read, not bad at all, but nothing unique either. The first book is still the best in this series, but Alistair is still the best character ever.


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