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Monday, March 01, 2021

~ Between Enzo & the Universe by Chase Connor ~


Author: Chase Connor
Title: Between Enzo & the Universe
Pages: 303
Release date: 2020 January
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Rating: ★★★★★


If Enzo listed his problems, being single wouldn't be anywhere near the top of the list. It might not even be in the top twenty list of problems that he faces on a daily basis.

His grandmother is dead. His parents are dead. His sister and brother are dead. He has no money. No friends. No job. He's all alone in a country that will always seem strange. Soon, he might not even have a home.

And he's so angry. At life. Himself. God. The universe. Everyone.

Except for the man he sees in the market. Something about the man with the red hair (who only speaks English) tells Enzo that the universe might not be completely against him for once.

'Between Enzo & the Universe' is a story about a boy who emigrates from France with his family to Canada in the hopes that a better life might be found. Enzo arrives in Canada as a boy with a happy, healthy family...and ends up a young man with no one left in the world. How does the universe apologize for that?

Enzo meets an American at the autumn festival and over the course of a night, they will share their dreams, their passions, and the events that made them the people they are. They will eat, laugh, talk...and come to realize that they both share a dream for the future.

My review: 

After reading "The Graviy of Nothing" , I wanted something lighter and something that wouldn't break me, so I picked Enzo... 
Worst choice ever.

Because Enzo broke me too! On a different level, but it still hurts. 

The story was enjoyable and so full with emotions and love. Love between Enzo and his brother and sister. And love between Enzo and the stranger, Peter. 

I loved Enzo's character, he was a light in the darkness. The tragedies that happend around him was so heartbreaking, no one deserves to be this unlucky. Enzo had a hard life with and without his family. 

Kindness always pays off - and no one is kinder then Enzo. I really loved how he reacted to that situation wiht the stranger, and I loved Peter's character too. Both were lovely and just perfect for each other. 

"It’s a funny thing, being a virgin and having intimate contact with another human being, the things one finds to be erotic when they have no concept of what “erotic” really means. Having no experience with sex, so many things, such slight, innocent touches could electrify one’s body."

A love story of one night. How can someone fall in love in one night - Enzo is demisexual, young and lives in Canada, while Peter is gay, older and lives in America. In romance books my favorite scenes are the falling in love process; so this book was exactly what I love in romance! And a whole book about it!

“Sugar and sex can always make people forget their problems, at least for a little bit.”

“But what happens to your problems once the sugar is gone and the sex is over?” “You get more sugar and have more sex.” He winked."

Really loved the story, both time line were interesting. The memories were heartbreaking while the present was interesting and exciting. 

The ending wasn't what I hoped for, it's really an open ending - anything can happen, just use your imagination. 

"Once a person is sure that life can have good things waiting ahead, it makes it easier to put one foot in front of the other, to keep moving forward until the good times arrive."

Enzo and Peter's story was unique and I loved them. It was instalove, it was slow burn - I hate both these things, but somehow Chase Connor wrote it amazingly and I fell in love with this book just as easily as the demisexual Enzo had fallen in love with Peter. 

Loved it. Highly recommend it.

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