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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

~ Anything Goes by Chara Croft ~


Author: Chara Croft
Title: Anything Goes
Release date: 2021 March 23
Pages: 355
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Poker night in the freshman dorms is always a good time, but when someone tosses a collar in the pot, the game suddenly gets a little more interesting. I mean, come on now, who wouldn’t be down with winning the rights to a little Master-slave action? Assuming, of course, that I end up “Master” in that scenario.

Which I do, of course.

But instead of it being the hot chick I’d had my eye on who’s wearing the slave collar for me at the end of the night, turns out it’s my best friend, Noah.

Drunk off his ass and total shit at poker even when sober? Yeah, not really a shocker when Noah loses. But what does surprise me is just how far he wants to take the total servitude thing once he's got that collar on... and how fucking hot it turns out to be when he insists that anything goes.

ANYTHING GOES is a 103,000-word dirty AF gay college romance between a cocky (not-so) straight boy who likes to call the shots, and his ride-or-die, babbling little mess of an adoring bestie, who may or may not have been pining for him all along. Read this one if you like cinnamon, spanking, and big-ass snakes*, all served up with a side of possessive OTT sweetness that will turn you into just as much of a heart-eye emoji as Noah is. Pass on it if codependence and neediness isn’t your jam, or if you're looking for something deep, dark, or angsty.

*Psst! Don't worry, boo. No actual reptiles are present in this story, or were harmed in the making of it. “Big-ass snake” is just a euphemism for a particularly oversized male appendage. If the word makes you squeamish, please feel free to simply refer to it as a monster-sized cock, nine inches of heaven, a penis-hall-of-fame contender, a size queen's wet dream, the gift that keeps on giving, or Noah's favorite choking hazard.

You’re welcome.

My review: 

Sweet and dirty - but really, what were you thinking, it's a Chara Croft book!

Loved the dirty talk and the filthy sex. Loved that it wasn't cock or dick, just a snake! LOL

"(...)pretty sure Noah’s ass was gonna be my new happy place."

Two cute AF boys, each lives in denial both deep down so hardly in love with each other. The poker starting scene was brilliant, and I loved that even if Noah was the loser, he saw himself as the winner. The collar and all the slave/master thing was so hot! It wasn't a strictly slave/master BDSM relationship, rather a sweet innocent collage slave/master play, but holy hell, did I enjoyed reading it!

"Noah and sex were hands down my top two favorite things in life."

Noah's mind was hilarious, I loved being in his head when he was hot and bothered and couldn't think straight. And Gage with all his 'what is gay' questions and internet search. They were just too cute for words. And hot and dirty.

"And didn’t everyone in modern times like to get pinned down while choking on cock occasionally, or call a guy “Daddy” while licking up his cum?"

Enjoyed the book, but missed the deeper romance part of the story.

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