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Monday, March 15, 2021

~ Zander by Carly Marie ~


Author: Carly Marie
Title: Zander
Series: Johnson Family 1 
Pages: 344
Release date: 2021 March 18
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Rating: ★★★★☆


It’s hard to get what you don’t ask for

Noah’s world turned on its head when he discovered his new boss was the gorgeous Daddy Dom he saw at DASH. He knows he should talk to him, but how can he do that when he ends up hurting himself any time Deputy Daddy is near?

As the chief deputy, Zander knows he needs to keep things professional with the newest deputy. That becomes harder each time Noah gets hurt. All he wants to do is swoop in and make things better. Maybe if he can find the mysterious guy with the intricate tattoo from DASH, he’ll be able to stop obsessing over the newest deputy.

An accident has Zander’s personal and professional lives colliding as he discovers the man with the tattoo is none other than Noah. Now that he knows Noah’s secret, the overprotective Daddy isn’t going away until he’s sure Noah is okay.

A little communication goes a long way, but after a misunderstanding and a lot of embarrassment, will the two ever be able to talk? If they can’t, one of them is going to need a new job. If they can, Daddy and boy might just discover that they are exactly what the other has been looking for.

Zander is the first book in the Johnson Family Rules series. When the Johnson family is around, there’s no telling what might happen. They are a family who loves fiercely and wants everyone to have their happily ever after. Zander and Noah are bound to be inundated with nosy people, embarrassing moments, and a unconditional support while they find their way as Daddy and boy.

My review: 

Cute, sweet and kinky. Exactly what I'm used to from Carly. And add slow-burn too. 

Sometimes I love slow burn stories, sometimes I hate... This time I was in the hate category, because it seems I only read slow burns in the last month, and now I'm sick of it. 
But not sick of this story, because I enjoyed despite of it. 

Noah was so cute! I loved how awkward he got when Zander was close, it was funny, and exaxtly what I'm looking for in a romance. To see the crush turn into love. And Zander, ahh so good. Daddy all the way. I loved him and his family - can't wait to read more about this crazy family! A BDSM club owned by a family, so good, with the grandma too! Hahaha. 

Loved that Colt was there to and helped Zander to take days off to be with his boy. They were really sweet together, Zander and Noah. I can't remember the last time I read a Daddy-kink without age-play, and I almost forgot how those works (LOL), but I really enjoyed reading the book. 

Aside from the really, really slow burn, I liked the book. Can't wait for the other books.

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