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Monday, November 18, 2019

~ Tony and His Tiger ~

Authors: Andi James - Lila Wilde
Title: Tony & His Tiger
Series: Oh My! 3
Release date:
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Rating: ★★★★★


Jason Manns loves love. Too bad it doesn't love him back. He retired from professional football and came out at the same time, excited to finally search for someone special to share his life — and his kinky secret — with. But what he ends up with is a string of increasingly bad hookups that leaves him unfulfilled and alone.

Tony Taylor doesn't believe in love. Even if it were real, it never lasts. He knows because everyone in his life has suffered from heartbreak, and his only attempt at a relationship ended in disaster. Instead, he focuses on being a good Dom, and one-off encounters suit him just fine… at least, until Jason lands directly in his path.

Jason is everything Tony doesn't want — a bratty submissive looking for more than one night together. But the electricity between them is too intense to deny, and they start a secret fling that slowly evolves into more. When Tony faces the risk of losing him forever, can he admit his feelings to Jason… and himself? Or will he allow the walls around his heart to ruin his chance at happiness?

My review

I absolutely enjoyed this book! But that's not a surprise because I loved the first two too. 

Tony and Jason were like water and fire, nobody guessed they were fooling around and not to mention falling in love. But the love and relationship was the last thing, the most important thing was the way they got there!

Loved Jason's brat side it was hilarious, and that scene when he demonstrated how to be a good submissive - oh god, not only Tony got hot and bothered, me too! 

I loved how the other characters from the first two book were there, and I mean they were there a lot! They were like a big family and I like this kind of stories when everyone got together and they're happy, fun and kinky. This series is so lovely while kinky.

The puppy play was so cute, I love puppies! And it was so cool how Jason acted as Tiger! He wasn't a brat anymore just a pup who wants to play. I LOVED the puppy scenes, but they weren't as much as I wanted. The playdate was fun too, but short. 

It was a really good book, loved reading it and highly recommend it if you loved the first two book, or you are new to this series - this book can be totally read as standalone, but I recommend the other two too!

Need more puppy play!

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