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Friday, November 22, 2019

~ A Pebble For Lewis ~

Author: Amy Bellows
Title: A Pebble For Lewis
Release day: 2019 November 21
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Rating: 🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧


Lewis has never been kissed.

Omega penguin shifters aren’t allowed any physical contact with an alpha until their Pebble Gifting Season, when alphas present a pebble to their desired mate. Lewis has always followed the rules.

Until he meets Todd. A polar bear shifter.

Everyone knows that polar bear shifters are unreliable players who don’t mate for life. But Todd is breathtakingly beautiful, with a body as big as a mountain and a head of thick, white hair. Lewis can’t manage to look away.

In Anchorage Alaska where penguin shifters and polar bear shifters have been at odds for over a century, even a friendship between Todd and Lewis is forbidden. But as Lewis’s Pebble Gifting Season draws closer, their forbidden friendship turns into a passion neither of them can ignore.

My review: 

😍 <- this is my face! 

I have no words! No words how amazing and cute this book was! 

Let me tell you that I didn't liked this cover when I first saw it. Then either for the second time or the third... But I knew one thing - I NEED this book, because of Amy Bellows! And because hello, it's about penguin and polar bear shifters! I mean holy hell, how yummy this was, just all the awww feelings.

Lewis and Todd's story was super cute, super sweet while hot with erotica and heartbreakingly romantic at the same time. It gave me all the good feels, I smiled and was really happy while reading it. Loved the way they grow up together and seperately because of their society. I loved this whole new world about the shifters, loved the penguins and polar bears too. It was really fascinating to read this book and I really couldn't wait for the shifting scenes and was SO REALLY HAPPY when it happened. *sigh* When Lewis shifted into penguin form and Todd into polar bear- I just awwwww, lost it and giggled like crazy. Cuteness overload! 

Loved their relationship, it was so romantic, and I loved how eager Lewis was about the whole kissing/sex thing, he was such a cutie pie! 

And the party with the polar bears OMG it was everything! Especially the after party scene where Todd got super jealous - that scene was super yummy!!!! 

And the pebble searching thing, and this whole romantic gesture and the way the penguin shifters chose mate for life, perfect! Todd was really cute how he did everyting for Lewis while he is a polar bear and he's not chossing mate for all eternity, but still! 

And oh my god, my favorite scene ever - the nesting! My poor heart, I nearly had a heart attack, it was that awesome! The whole nesting process then the egg laying, gaaawd! I LOVE nesting scenes and it was so amazing I still have no words for it. And geez, they were so cute together, I mean Todd and Lewis in their nest with the eggs, just AWWWW♥

I know my whole review is just about me awww-ing, but come on, this book was super duper awesome! And now i'm okay with the cover. 

LOVED LOVED IT SO MUCH! I need more! Go Ansel and Daniel! 

ps. I want to be a penguin shifter! So cute! But plan B is to be friends with Lewis and/or Todd, i'm not picky!

A Pebble for Lewis is a 37,000-word best-friends-to-lovers romance with a size difference, knotting, and MPreg of the penguin egg variety. It’s set in the same world as the Heron Manor series, but it stands alone.

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