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Friday, November 01, 2019

~ Revive ~

Author: Rowan Shaw
Title: Revive
Series: Rewind 3 (can be read as standalone)
Release date: 2019 October 31
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To Patrick Lefèvre, nothing matters besides his family, his friends, and sex. He isn't cut out for relationships, and everyone knows it.

Since his divorce, Brandon Lewis has had a lot going on. There's no time for hookups or one-night stands. Not until he meets Patrick—a man as elusive as he is gorgeous.

Little does Brandon know that the man he just slept with is his new therapist. And his appointment is tomorrow.

Can Patrick and Brandon deny their deep attraction and develop a normal client/therapist relationship? Can they limit themselves to hooking up once—or should they give their passion one more chance?

After all, what harm could come from one more night together?

My review: 

This book. 

I read it two weeks ago but I still can't find the words to describe how good it was. I sat down everyday and tried to collect my thoughts- but day after day it's just blank space in my head. 
And it means only one thing - it was PERFECTION. 

I think I am like this after every book by Rowan Shaw. I mean I remember after reading Rewind I was totally shocked and in awe, and in love with Rowan's writing. Then Return came, and I was totally in love and in shock - again! 
Do you get it now?
So now here we are with Revive- and I TOTALLY LOVED IT. From the very first letter to the last. It was so amazing, so good and just perfect. 

I loved to be back in France again, loved to be with Enzo and Patrick again, and loved Jean-Francois too. And there was Brandon. Aww, I loved him too! Cute and unique character, and loved his back story and his little 'family secret' which I don't want to spoiler. Brandon was a really good character and I really liked him and liked how they fell in love with Patrick. 
And oh sweet Patrick. He changed so much and it was so good to see. So good to be there with him and with Brandon. I loved everything they did together, their relationship was so romantic and after a while so painful. I hurt them so much. I cried them. I was afraid of them. Then I was happy for them. 

This book was such an amazing journey. Patrick's journey was beautiful. Patrick and Brandon's love story was cute, lovely and parfait

And I can't say this enough time - I NEED NOAH's book so much! 

And I really, really recommend this books. This whole series! Every book is unique, every character unique, and I love all of them. I miss al of them, and sometimes I just need to re-read them. They gave so much lovely hours to me, I enjoyed reading all of them.

REVIVE is a Bisexual Romance taking place in France and the US. Though part of a series, it is a standalone story without a cliffhanger.

Content warning for biphobia. Please read the author's note in the book before starting the story.

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