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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

~ Mercutio ~

Mercutio by J.I. Davenport
Released November 25, 2019

Mercutio by J.I. Davenport

Release date: November 25, 2019
Genre: Historical, Queer/LGBTQ+ Literary Fiction

Synopsis for Mercutio:

Return to the sensuous world of Romeo and Juliet to discover the story of Mercutio, Verona’s most flamboyant citizen!

​Prancing on the sidelines of the bitter feud between the House of Montecchi and Capuleti, Mercutio harbours his own secret conflict: he is hopelessly in love with his best friend, Romeo Montecchi. When he spies true love blossoming between Romeo and a young Capuleti girl one fateful summer’s eve, Mercutio fears he has finally lost the man he loves, forever.

​Turning to drink, drugs and ever wilder escapades in an effort to ease his aching heart, Mercutio starts to come off the rails, hurtling towards his own spectacular fate ...



Entering the small parlour, Mercutio found Benvolio perched on the windowsill, absorbed in a copy of The Decameron by Boccaccio. With his free hand, he was dipping sops of bread into a bowl of spiced milk and honey.

‘Have you nearly got to the end?’ Mercutio enquired. His friend nodded absently, so he remarked, ‘It’s such a shock when they all die of plague.’

Benvolio looked up sharply, the book dropping to his lap. ‘You’ve spoiled it!’

‘I jest, I jest,’ Mercutio tried to say, wrestling his laughter.

‘So, they don’t die of plague? Then, you’ve spoiled that, too!’

‘You are too hot this morning and need cooling down! What do you say we go for a splash at the baths?’

‘But — I’ve already had a bath, this morning.’

‘So? You can have another, to make up for the one you skipped yesterday.’

‘Oh, no, Mercutio. Last time we went, you got water in my ear and I couldn’t hear properly for two days, after.’

‘All the better, then, to guard you against careless tongues that would spoil every book you haven’t finished!’

About the Author:

J.I. Davenport has a B.A. in English literature and creative writing from the University of Greenwich. He lives in London with his family and a tomcat named after Cesare Borgia, who he is forever trying to persuade not to invade Naples!

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My review:


When I got the chance to read this book I was so happy because I thought finally, I got a book where Mercutio and Romeo could fall in love and live happily ever after.

Then I saw the cover and fell in love immediately! So perfect! And I couldn't wait to start to read the book. 

Then I got confused because this wasn't the book I was hoping for. This book wasn't a new chance to Romeo and Mercutio. This book is the same as everyone knows the original version with Romeo and Juliet, just now we got to know the story from Mercutio's POV. 

The book was boring and full with long and endless monologues and chapters. This wasn't romance. Far so far away from romance I have no words. I didn't get interactions on the pages. I didn't get Romeo and Mercutio together. They kissed once - or twice, idk the second was real or just in Mercutio imagination. Romeo wasn't there at all. How could you tell a love story when one of the character isn't there? I don't get how could Mercutio fall in love with Romeo- no, i know, but the probleme is I didn't saw it! 

So the biggest probleme for me with the book is that is the same as the original, and surprise! The ending is the same too.

I'm really dissapointed because I wanted a book about Romeo and Mercutio forever, and this wasn't what I was dreaming about.

I don't know if I recommend this to anyone - if you have no expectations and just want to know the original story from Mercutio's POV with gay retelling, then it's your book. But if you want something else - like me - then don't.


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