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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

~ Mr. Naughty List ~

Author: Leta Blake
Title: Mr. Naughty List
Series: Home for the Holidays 2 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 292
Release date: 2019 November 11
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A cute teacher gets a spanking this Christmas. How hot can it get being on his former student’s Naughty List?

Is Aaron allowed to want a hot holiday fling with his young former student? Even more forbidden, is he allowed to want this student to spank him?

It’s another Christmas, and Aaron is still in the closet as a gay man and a natural submissive. With one youthful indiscretion blacking his ethics record, he can’t afford to indulge his desires no matter how pent up and needy that leaves him.

Until his former student comes home for the holidays.

Dominant and charming, RJ knows what Aaron needs—intense, steamy encounters and a firm hand. As Christmas nears, RJ helps Aaron unlock his true self. But family and fallout await, and all good things must end.

Or can their hot holiday affair turn them into lasting lovers?

My review: 

Oh sweet baby Jesus! I am so in love with this book and with RJ. Aww man, RJ is so amazing and this book was phenomenal!

I was a little afraid of this book because last year I didn't liked the first book as much (4star read), and when I started this book I was skeptical again. I couldn't be into the story at the beginning and almost put it down and started something different, but then something happened and I just couldn't put it down. It was really hard for me, literally hurt to put it down at night. It was sooooo good!

Hot, and I mean really really hot! I love this kind of hotness, the real connection between the two main character, the romance and the deep emotions. RJ and Aaron were so sexy together, the pages were on fire. RJ *sigh* so perfect and Aaron so cute. 

Loved all those sexy talks and RJ's dom side was super hot. I love a good dom, and love the awesome scenes. I missed a good d/s book and a really sexy dom who knows everything and loves his partner this much. 
Loved the connection between Aaron and RJ, loved this little taboo side of the story, i am such a sucker for a good teacher/student romance, and spiced with bdsm elements?! The most perfect thing ever written. 

I can't say enough how much I loved this story, I totally would re-read it, I already miss RJ and those hot scenes, awww.

Congrats Leta Blake, it was super amazing! Highly recommend it!

+ all those hot as fuck rimming scenes, mmmm! 

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