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Saturday, April 11, 2020

~ Trusting Tanner ~

Author: Nicky James
Title: Trusting Tanner
Pages: 220
Release date: 2016 October
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Rating: ★★★★★


Maybe tomorrow it will be better…

Zander Baker has spent years forcing a smile onto his face to make the world believe he is a happy man. In reality, it’s a façade for the battered person he truly is. Living a life imprisoned in an abusive relationship, Zander doesn’t know how to break free.

Ordinary enjoyments are not within his reach. Not only has he lost all his friends, but over the last seven years, he’s lost himself as well.

Tanner Mathews has recently returned to the city and needs to start life all over again. New job, new friends and a new relationship are top of his list.

When he meets his niece’s new preschool teacher he is drawn in by his good looks and shy personality. Sadly, Zander is involved with someone else. Settling for friendship, Tanner soon realizes there is a lot more to Zander than what he shows the world.

As their friendship struggles to grow, and details about Zander’s life come to the surface, Tanner finds himself unexpectedly falling in love. His heart aches for Zander and all he wants to do is help the man break free.

Can Tanner help Zander reclaim his life?

Will his feelings for his friend interfere with his intentions?

What happens if it all goes wrong?

Will love conquer all in the end?

My review: 

I always afraid to start a Nicky James book, but in this case there weren't so much tears while reading. This book was not so light let me tell you, it was hard at some point. Because it's always hard to read when someone suffers.

Zander's life wasn't full of sunshine, and I hurt him. Being in an abusive relationship is hard and escape from it is the hardest. But Nicky did an amazing job(again) writing this story, and it was so real and so good.  

Tanner was a really kind and lovely person, I loved reading about him and the way he fell in love with Zander. And poor Zander, he was so blind to those feelings.

I loved reading their story with all the little romantic scenes, when they were geek and played all night long. Those moments, when Tanner tried really hard to know Zander better and did everything for him. It was really a lovely romance.
Loved both Zander and Tanner and I couldn't wait for them to be together and especially for Zander to be finally free of his abusive relationship.

Loved this book, and highly recommend it.

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