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Thursday, April 30, 2020

~ Love Language ~

Author: Reese Morrison
Title: Love Language
Pages: 298
Release date: 2020 February
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


A younger Dom. A grieving sub. Two men whose kinks don't match (or so they think) connecting in ASL.

Marco and Greg would both rather be anywhere than a kink club on Valentine’s Day. Marco doesn’t have the patience to speech-read in a hearing crowd. And Greg is still mourning his Sir who passed away three years ago.

But when Greg steps in to explain something in ASL, Marco can’t stop thinking about the light he sees in those sad eyes. Strong, older, fluent in sign language, and sweetly submissive, Greg is exactly Marco’s type. Even if Greg isn’t ready for another relationship yet, Marco isn’t ready to let him go.

Greg thought that he would never want to date someone again. But as painful as it is to admit, he’s starting to feel like it might be time. Marco is like no one he’s never met. Small, twink-ish, and over a decade younger, and a Daddy, he isn’t at all what Greg imagined in a Dom. Yet he’s undeniably attracted to his care and control, even after Marco reveals that he’s transgender. Slipping into ASL, the language of his childhood, Greg wonders if he might have a second chance at love.

This book contains hurt/comfort themes, predicament bondage, shibari, wax, and CNC role play, just to get started... and a HEA ending.

My review: 

I wanted to read this book since I saw the cover, then I fell in love with the blurb - so it was just a matter of time for me to finally read it. And when is the perfect time if not before the second book comes out, yeah?

I haven't got any exceptations because the author is new-to me, but if a book is about BDSM and ASL it has to be perfect. And it was! I'm a sucker for this kind of characters and stories, and I think there isn't enough book about ASL - and especially this perfectly written ASL. You can really imagine and see that they're signing and not speaking. 

And the plus surprise was for me, that one of the MC is transgender. I'm still just tip-toeing around trans books, but the more I read, the more I learn and the more I love. And Marco was perfectly written as a trans men and I loved him so much. Marco was the sunshine of this book and he was so cute.

The BDSM scenes were super hot and awesome. And finally a book where shibari is on the page! Finally! And how good that scene was, god! The age-gap and daddy dom aspect was awesome too.

Loved this story, and it was a really good read for me. I'm here for more from the author!

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