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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

~ End Scene ~

Author: Nicky James
Title: End Scene
Release date: 2020 April 2
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Rating: ★★★★★


Atticus Charming’s spectacular coming out announcement backfired, leaving him penniless, crashing in his friend’s basement, working a part-time job at a local gas station for minimum wage, and without the funds to pay for his last year of university.
This hard dose of reality after having lived a spoiled rich-kid lifestyle leaves Atticus grasping at straws to fix his precarious and unappealing situation.
When a job opportunity presents itself, Atticus knows he can’t turn it down. The money is too enticing. It’s the answer to all his problems.
It’s just a some racy pictures and a few suggestive videos, right? No big deal.
But there is a catch. This job can’t be done solo, and the one other person who needs to be involved might not agree with Atticus’s desperate plan.
Morals and ethics go out the window. Real and fake start blending together.
Can Atticus fulfill the obligations of the job without crossing too many boundaries?
And what happens when the scene ends and the feelings don’t?

My review: 

I cried. But only happy tears! 

I fell in love with Atti in two seconds - or less. Atti is so hilarious, his brain and mouth, I can't. He reminds me so much of Krew (from Fearless- Nicky James), I laughed so much. The situations he put himself in, and the way he tried to live his life now after he got kicked out from home because he's gay. God, I could punch his parents in the face. So hard!

And we got Ash on the other hand who totally balances Atti's craziness. They were so good together. Ash helped so much and wanted to do everything for Atti and for his happiness. My falling in love with Ash was a bit later, but come on, who can beat Atti in this contest? So yeah, I fell in love with Ash too and especially with his kind heart. 

The whole story behind the story - the book promotion - it was sooooo cool! I loved that, and loved the photo shoots too. 

The emotions were building slow but oh so good. I loved that everything was real, every emotions were real. For Atti and for Ash too. They struggled so much, and that gave realness for the story. That right there the best in this book and that right there makes this loveable. And makes me believe that it can happen in the real life too. When the author can sell the story to you and you say 'yeah, this totally like real life' , that's the point when the book turns from good to AMAZING. 

Loved this slow love-building. Loved all the scenes between Ash and Atti, and loved when they played at home 'Action - End Scene'. They were lovely♥

And I love Nicky for this book. She can write taboo like no one else. Can't wait to the next one! HIHGLY RECOMMEND IT.

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