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Thursday, April 30, 2020

~ Love Lessons ~

Author: Reese Morrison
Title: Love Lessons
Series: Love Languages 2 (can be read as standalone)
Release date: 2020 April 28
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Rating: ★★★★★


“Come here,” Dustin repeated, his dark eyes serious.
Landon put his hands on his hips and stood his ground. “Make me.”
He knew he was acting like a petulant teenager, but this was Dustin. And with Dustin, he felt safe.
Please, he thought, please, please make me.

Landon doesn’t need anyone. So he’s confident that when he offers to train a nervous, sexy Dom, nothing will come of it.

But Dustin has some things to teach him, too. Because Dustin uses sign language and asks him questions that no one else bothers to ask. Because Dustin wants him, no matter how he presents his gender. Because when Landon rebels, Dustin’s there to keep him in line. And when Dustin makes him obey, it feels real.

Real enough to call Dustin his Daddy.

But these are just lessons, right?

Love Lessons has a nervous new Dom, a confident and genderfluid sub who offers to train him, age play with a middle, a bit of angst, and plenty of sign language. This book is the second in the Love Language series, but it can be read alone.

My review: 

This book was so much better then the first one. The first - Love Langugage - was good too and I loved that, but this. Oh god, THIS! This was just everything.

The best things about this book and the things I love the most are the perfectly written and representated ASL, the real-like and HOT BDSM scenes, the caring and cute Daddy dom, and the sensual romance scenes.

Let me tell you, this book was SO sensual, so romantic and so real. And it hasn't got any penetrative sex! I still can't wrap my head around this fact, I still can't decide that this book needs penetrative sex or not.

Dustin was so perfect and it was so good to see him find himself in the bdsm scene and realise that he is a Daddy. And Landon as a Middle - god he was so cute. And I liked the chapters when he was Lena. It was difficult for me for the first time, becasue i'm still new in reading trans/gender fluid books - so it was hard to connect Landon/Lena he/she chapters. The she/her scenes sometimes pulled me from the story because I couldn't imagine it while my brain had known that i'm reading m/m, but still I see m/f. It's my problem only, but at the end of the book it was more and more easier for me to connect the dots. 

So I really loved this book. It was so so romantic and so sensual. HOT as hell. With only just the simpliest of touches, and the little things. It was awesome. And the ASL is still amazing. The author did an amazing job at writing down sign-language.

Loved, loved reading it. And I hihgly recommend it if you want something unique, and the cutest and hottest romance.

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