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Thursday, January 17, 2019

~ Rule Forty-Seven ~

Author: Lynn Van Dorn
Title: Rule 47
Pages: 57
Release date: 2019 January
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Rating: ★★★★★


Logan is out of options.

His mother's new husband is awful, he can't find a paying job, and he's run out of couches to surf on. Desperate, he ends up in the unlikely position of standing on his ex-stepfather's porch holding all his worldly belongings in two cardboard boxes.

Craig is sure taking Logan in is a terrible idea.

It's been six years since he's seen his ex-wife's kid, and Craig hasn't forgotten the trouble the boy caused him. But it's cold out and Logan is clearly at the end of his rope. Craig decides in a fit of charity to help Logan get back on his feet. All he has to do is obey the rules.

Rules are meant to be broken.

My review: 

This book contains everything i love: short but good story, stepfather/stepson, gay erotica and Daddy kink! YAAASSS!!!

It was perfect. A little bit taboo with Daddy kink always good, and Lynn Van Dorn wrote it amazing! 
First i hated Craig because he was an asshole but after a while he changed and it was a good change! And Logan knew what he wanted and he went for it! I loved it! And DADDYYYYY ♥

You need to read this, its so cool! And that epilogue... :)) 

Take one desperate Millennial and one bored Gen Xer. Add in an old grudge, guilt, unwelcome feelings, an inconvenient interest in Daddy kink, a need for discipline and regular meals, and punishment for rule-breaking. Shake well. Expect explosive results.

Rule Forty-Seven is a stand-alone 11k short with a May/December romance, sexy-fun times, snark, and a HEA.

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