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Thursday, January 17, 2019

~ Fearless ~

Author: Nicky James
Title: Fearless
Series: Trials of Fear  - 4 - Companion Novel - (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 228
Release date: 2019 January
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Rating: ★★★★★


Maxwell Cunningham is a daddy who’s spent far too many years without a boy to call his own. It’s a part of his past he was sure he’d buried long ago. While in town for business, he ventures into Bottoms Up and sets eyes on a sassy, stubborn bartender whose flair and poorly hidden struggles call to him on a level he can’t ignore.
Krew Cruwys may be a spitfire, but he is not a boy. No way. No how. Not gonna happen. It’s not his kink. Besides, Krew prefers to be free. To explore men and sex on his own terms—which doesn’t include commitments or emotions. Period.
When a hookup gone wrong leaves Krew in the concerned hands of the sexy silver stud he’d been snubbing all night, things get complicated.
Maxwell feels a pull he hasn’t felt in over ten years, but Krew is unequivocally decided that he doesn’t want a daddy.
Or love.
Or a relationship.
But what could it hurt to play a role for a night? It’s only words. It’s just a game. It doesn’t mean anything…
…until, maybe, it does.
My review:

I finished this book 2 days ago and now here I am, and still don't know what to write about it, because it was so good, I have no words.

This book... Krew... *sigh* like I was reading about myself in some ways. The hardest thing about this book was to start reading it, because after I read about what the phobia was in this book, I was stuck in my head and was afraid of the it and the way it would be affecting to me.

Philophobia - The fear of falling in love or forming emotional attachments of any sort.

I am still afraid because now I know this phobia is real, and here iI am who is still me and not Krew who found love. 

Nicky James's books are always strong with emotions and the characters are always amazing and unique. 

Fearless is the perfect book for me, but it would be more perfect if reading it would fix me and my phobia too(haha). And as strong as I want to re-read this book, I am still afraid of it in some way.

"I wasn't afraid of relationships. I wasn't afraid of love. I just didn't need them in my life. Why was that so hard to accept? Relationships led to no good. It was a proven fact. They caused eventual heartache, and there was nothing wrong with protecting myself against future problems."


Krew and Max were perfect, and oh my god, Max really was perfect! I loved how he took care of everything and Krew was always the first priority on his list. And Krew, awww, dear Krew♥ I love you so much, you are so strong and loveable. I loved how he always acted, and his friendship with Rory was pure perfection♥

I loved everything about this book it was perfectionism on every page. Nicky James always and I mean always writes the most amazing books ever!        

I loved reading about Krew falling in love and then recognizing it. Their love-making were gentle and perfect, and omg - when he *spoiler*******safeworded*******spoiler* omg!     

Thank you for this book and thank you for this phobia and Krew!

"I spent enough time in my life trying to be heard when no one would listen. Now, I'm strong and independent and living on my own. No one has to care about me but me. I prefer it that way. And i did it myself, without anyone's help. Thank you very much. If I want to fuck random guys and never learn their names, that's my prerogative. If I never want a relationship, or monogamy, or dating, again, that's up to me. So, stop crawling inside my head. You aren't welcome"

**This is not exactly a Daddy/boy kink book, although, it does play in that direction at times. Any hint at a Dom/sub lifestyle is very mild** 


Narrator: Adam Gold
Release date: 2021 September 13
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Length: 8hrs 2mins
Rating: ★★★★★

Audio review:


Krew was simply perfect for the very first time, but now, listening to him on audio is a whole new level. The narrator does an amazing job with this series and I LOOOOVE it so much - both the series and the audio version of it. Perfect. 

Krew's voice and his sassy behavior comes through so easily and it's so funny and real, and ohmygod, beautiful. And Max! Wow.

Really, really loved listening to this.

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