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Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Best Reads of 2018

This list is ... OMG! I read 252 book in 2018. I have never, ever read so many! 150 was my best, so this year was totally insane! But awww i read so many good books, like every book I read was perfect! Not kidding, i hardly read book i didn't like and it was a surprise to me too.

First i thought i chose 10 books from my reading list... then i thought i make a month list and chose 1 book in every month and then i'll have 12 favorite... LOLOLOLOL! It was harder then i thought, so here it is, my list... and no, it's not 12... and not 20 either LOL but who cares?! I make my own rules, i chose as many favorite as i want. ;)

Favorite books of 2018, monthly list made by Szidi - Reading under the Rainbow

Tillie Cole - A Thousand boy kisses
Kele Moon - Beyond Eden
Suanne Laqueur - Venery 1-2

Alexis Hall - For Real
M. A. Innes: Strength 1-2 (and the other books by Shaw M. ;) )


Ella Frank - Robbie
Nicholas Bella - New Haven
Kate Hawthorne, EM Denning - Irreplaceable 

Kate Hawthore - The Colors Between Us 


M. A. Innes - The Accidental Master
Rosalind Abel - The Palisade
Jo Raven - Jagged Edge 


Katze Snow - Conflicted
Tillie Cole - A Wish for Us
Ella Frank - Julien
Nicky James - Love Me Whole 


Nicholas Bella – Aimee Nicole Walker: Circle of Darkness
Kate Hawthorne - Until You Say Otherwise, His Kind of Love, Love Comes After
Nicky James: Shades of Darkness 


Nicholas Bella - Demon Gate
Kate Hawthorne - Worth the Risk
Ella Frank - Priest
Nicholas Bella - Theoden
Nicky James - Sinfully Mine
Marie Sexton - One Man's Trash
Nicholas Bella - Cobra
Leta Blake – Indra Vaughn: Vespertine
EM Denning - Half as Much 

September :

Leta Blake: Any Given Lifetime
Piper Scott – Susie Hawke: Daddy Wanted 


Kate Hawthorne: Worth the Wait
Piper Scott – Virginia Kelly: Clutch
Nicky James - Touch of Love
Luna David - Let Me In
Andy James - Lila Wilde : Teddy and His Bear 

November :

Kate Hawthorne, EM Denning - Future Fake Husband
Piper Scott - Virginia Kelly: Bond
Rowan Porter - Marked by Love 


Nicky James - The Christmas I Know
Kate Hawthorne - Worth the Fight

After this list i want to make one thing clear; i found my 2 BEST AUTHOR EVER. If it wasn't clear enough, i'm speaking about Kate Hawthorne and Nicholas Bella. If i'm honest and choese only a few books of my favorite list, those books will be the perfect of the most perfect books ever. Every book that Kate and Nicholas writes are AMAZING! I could read them over and over again, and listen to the audiobooks 7/24. 
And if this isn't enough, i tattoed NB's character 'Theoden' on my arm - this is how much i LOVE him! 

And if we are all here i want to say thank you to all of you who are here and read me. I wanted to write a blog like forever but i was afraid, but now i can say only one thing, this was the best decision of the last year! 
I love 'Reading under the Rainbow' and i love finding new authors and new books. I love reading outside my comfort zone, and the books in 2018 was totally out of it! 
I have read my first ABDL by accident and i totally loved it! I have read my first mpreg book and i was fascinated by it! I have read my very first shifter and A/B/O with and without mpreg. I have read brocest, twincest, fetish books (lingerie), hard BDSM... and so many yummy things! And i fell in love with every book and every new trope i found! Especially the Daddy-kink, with or without age-play.

2018 was a really good year for me. I went to London and Rome, both RARE (Romance Author and Reader Event)and i met some of my favorite authors like Tille Cole, Colleen Hoover, Kele Moon, Cara Dee, Alexa Riley, Elle Kennedy and more... :) 

I hope 2019 will be as good as 2018 was or even better. Give me all the m/m books and the kinkier the better ;) 

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