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Sunday, January 27, 2019

~ Stranded ~

Author: Cara Dee
Title: Stranded
Series: 8392 2.
Pages: 259Amazon
Release date: 2019 January
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Stranded is the second book in The Auctioned Series. Before you read further, you should read Auctioned. ​

“You have my word, Gray. I will get you off this island, and I will bring you home.”

It was supposed to be an easy in-and-out job. Nothing Darius Quinn hadn’t done before. But this job had something none of the others did: Gray Nolan.

​Like Murphy’s Law advised, anything that could go wrong, would. A mission to save one hometown favorite son was turning into a quest to rescue thirteen traumatized young men against odds so steep, he’d need an oxygen mask to scale them. ​

Facing new dangers and an uncertain future, Darius keeps Gray close and is soon forced to accept that this has become much more than an assignment. For a man whose reputation was built on being ice-cold under pressure, Darius is beginning to discover how good it feels to burn.

My review:

I had a chance to read an ARC copy of this book, and this is my honest review.

I loved the first book and i couldn't wait for this one! I love Cara Dee's writing and all of her books are amazing, but this one was a bit light for me.

The book was good, but it was so slow and nothing sirious happened. Gray and Darius were just two character and they weren't the same as in Auctioned.

It was harsh, but after an escape what would it be? And the scenes on the island was good, this is how a survive looks like.

As i said, the story was slow, but at the end it got a bit faster and i loved that. I loved how Gray and Darius became different from their earlier self, and their connection was good again. 

I liked reading this book, but it wasn't as good as i thought it would be. BUT! I'm dying to know what will happen next, and can't wait for the next book!

Read an excerpt here:

Even though the situation was serious, it was impossible not to find humor in it. Gray was endearing
as all hell when he was high, and Darius was confident he hadn’t administered too much—or too little, for that matter.
“Any nausea?” He smiled faintly and sat up. Easier to see Gray that way, and he was on his back with
one arm stretched up while he was trying to pinch stars between his fingers. He wasn’t very
“Nope.” Gray wore a silly grin, trying to grab another star from the sky. “That’s the ninth time you’ve
It was the second, but who was counting. Clearly not Gray.
“First-time users get sick sometimes,” Darius answered.
“Oh.” Gray yawned and folded his hands under his head instead. “Are we sleeping here tonight? Can
we go catch bananas?”
Darius coughed around a chuckle and dug out his battered pack of smokes from his jeans. “We’re
staying a few hours, at least.” So far, no fresh blood had painted Gray’s bandage, and Darius was
counting his blessings for it. That said, he wanted to be careful and not move around. “Can you wiggle your toes for me?”
“Again?” Gray took on the huffy, insufferable tone of a complaining teenager. “See? I’m doing it.”
Nothing. Nada. His feet were still.
“You’re actually not,” Darius drawled. “Try again.”
Gray frowned and concentrated, and the tip of his tongue poked out. It was…cute as fuck. “What
about now? I’m trying to contact them.”
Darius chuckled once more, and he was relieved when the toes did move. “There we go.”
“Told you,” Gray sang. “Can’t cut off my pulse.”
“Circulation,” Darius corrected with a laugh.
“Hey.” Gray pushed himself up and supported his weight on his elbows. The silly, lazy grin was back.
“You laughed, gorgeous.”
That made Darius snort, and he lit up a smoke.
“I’m just sayin’.” Gray plopped down again. “I’d let you wear my letterman jacket.”
Good lord, where the hell were the kid’s thoughts this time?
“Mr. Stone-face,” Gray whispered at the sky. “Hottest cover, but the pages are blank. No, wait. I
mean, they’re in another language. I can’t read your book. You know?”
Darius’s forehead creased, and he exhaled some smoke. “I can’t even pretend to know what you’re
rambling about, boy.”
Gray waved a hand. “I know some things.”
“Like, you’re a good man. But then…? Poof. You were born in Greece.”
“Because your book is in Greek!” Gray’s triumphant yell echoed and bounced between the trees.
Instantly alert, Darius narrowed his eyes and observed their surroundings. “Keep it down,
knucklehead.” They hadn’t searched the whole island yet, and they couldn’t be too careful.

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