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Sunday, January 27, 2019

~ Kissing the Teacher ~

Author: Nora Phoenix
Title: Kissing the Teacher
Series: Valentine's Inc. 3 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 252
Release date: 2019 January
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Rating: ★★★★★


Hagen didn't want to be Baxter's Dom. He wanted to be his Daddy.

College professor Hagen St. Croix is done with his life as a Dom since his two previous boys left him. When his former club organizes an event, he wants to go...but not alone. He finds a date-for-hire through the Valentine's Inc. app, but he's shocked when his date turns out to be his sexy student Baxter Lafelle, and even more shocked by the feelings Baxter evokes in him.

When tragedy strikes for Baxter, Hagen realizes that he doesn't want to be his Dom. He wants to be his Daddy... But will Baxter let him? And what happens when their contract is up?

My review:

I can't beileve it, but his was my very first Nora Phoenix book. HOW?! She was on my TBR but somehow i always skipped and other books looked better... but really, how blind i was. LOL - but i don't know when i'll have time to read her other books, but hopefully i WILL!!

This book was so good! Teacher-student romances are always good, this is one of my weakness, and daddy kink with bdsm are my other weakness, so this book was totally written for me! YAAAASSSS!

I loved Baxter and how complex his character was. But Hagen... he was so blind! He can't see what was in front of him. He was a bad DOM, and i was cryink when Baxter fainted in his house... but this was the scene which opened Hagen eyes, and after that i LOVED him too! Yeah, how i loved him! He was so super daddy dom, and such a cutie with Baxter. 

I loved everything about this book and i couldn't put it down! I read it until midnight! And this is a big from me, because i'm so sleepy and can't stay up til late, but this book was so good i needed to read it! I read it in one sitting.

And that scene at the BDSM club, holy moly! I love that part in every book, when the MCs are in a BDSM club that are always the hottest ever! 

Kissing the Teacher is a PERFECT book, i loved every page of it and i highly recommend it! 

"There were few things he hated more than pushy salespeople, especially in a bookstore. Didn't those people realize that the more they left him alone, the more books he would buy?"

"He had never taken out loans for anything. You worked, you saved money, and you didn't spend what you didn't have." 

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