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Thursday, January 10, 2019

~ Hard Glass ~ audiobook♫

Author: Lina Langley
Narrated by: Adam Weaver
Title: Hard Glass
Length: 3 hrs and 56 mins
Release date: 2018 December
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Rating: ★★★★★


All Mason Payne wants to do is keep his head down and quietly age out of the system, but when he has to step in to defend his foster sisters against a terrifying foster father, his life takes a turn he never imagined.

He's placed with loving foster parents. People who should make him forget about everything. Instead, they make him run right into his past. And his past isn't at all what he imagined.

His past is exemplified by Jules Dubois, practically Mason's reflection. And while Mason is aware he should hate him, Jules is hard to hate. He's nice. Very nice. And untouchable. No matter how much Mason craves him. No matter how much he wants to touch him.... Right?

My review:

I read this book last year and i totally loved it! Brother incest is one of my favorites and it was so cute and lovely story.

And i had a chance to listen to it on audio, and i can't thank enough for this to Lina Langley, so thank you so much! I love listening to audiobook books i loved reading before.

Mason and Jules's story are so good, and i loved it for the second times too. The narrator was new to me and his voice a bit thin but it was great. For the first time it was distracting but after i got used to it it was perfect. Perfect because Mason and Jules are young and now i'm picturing them for this voice and it's good!

The story is so good i was listening some chapter more than once ;) 

The book and the audiobook are great to and i recommend it! I can not wait for the second book!!!! 

Warning: This book includes certain triggers. Please be careful when choosing to listen to this book.

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