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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

~ Omega Reimagined ~ Volume 1

Author: Tanya Chris
Title: Omega Reimagined Vol 1 (boxed set)
Release date: 2020 January 14
Pages: 367
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Rating: ★★★★★


Omegas… reimagined.

Leo badly needs an alpha to help with his heats, but he doesn’t need one for anything else. He’s tough, he’s angry, and he can’t stop begging for what only Angel can give him.

Gage wishes he could find an alpha who would treat him like the omega he really is, not the beta they perceive him to be, and Ryker’s all over it.

Benjy is out of the den and looking for love. His father wants him to find an alpha, but sometimes the best alpha is another omega.

The first three Omega Reimagined novellas have been collected into a single volume.

Omega Reclaimed: When Angel meets Leo, heat is in the air, but they both have painful pasts that make it impossible to form a more permanent bond.

Omega Revealed: Ryker doesn’t understand why he reacts to Gage the way he does. He just knows he needs to make sure Gage is happy and safe and gets all the knots he can handle.

Omega Released: JT is supposed to be helping Benjy find his perfect alpha, but this sweet, fresh-off-the-farm omega might be better off without one.

Volume 1 of Omega Reimagined includes Omega Reclaimed, Omega Revealed, and Omega Released, all of which have been published separately. This is a non-MPREG universe.

Book 1 - Omega Reclaimed


My review: 

This book was so good! I just started to read it and the next thing I know I'm at the end. Loved reading it, it was addictive. 
Loved both character, loved the whole omega/alpha shifter thing, and it was really strange to read about shifters without mpreg. I just waited for the pregnancy, but it didn't come. LOL. I knew it was without mpreg, but my brain connected the heat with pregnancy. 
BUT! It was perfect without mpreg and I really don't wish it was different, it was perfect the way it was. 

Angel and Leo were cute and the chemistry between them was sooo HOT! The whole heat was super HOT, really enjoyed readin it. And I loved the whole mistery about the claimed omega thing. Leo was awesome, he changed so much and turned into the best. 

Book 2 - Omega Revealed


My review: 

SO GOOD! After finishing the first I immediately started the second. And I couldn't be happier, because this was as good as the first. 

Ryker and Gage were amazing. I thought Leo and Angel were my favorite, but I fell in love again. Loved Gage's personality and how he wanted to be the person he knew he was, and not that what others thought he is. And Ryker was so supportive, aww my heart, I loved him so much! And the knotting scenes! My favorite scenes the heat and the knotting, and god, it was perfect. 

Loved it so much!

Book 3 - Omega Released


My review: 

Holy hell, you gotta be kidding me! How can I love this book more then the two before?! Really, I have no words! I thought the first two was perfect, and fell in love both times... and now guess what, I fell in love the third time! 

JT and Benjy were everything! I have really no words, they were perfect. Perfectly cute and super lovely. And how hot they were together, oh god! 
And the knotting!!!!!! Jesus! I'm happy that i'm still alive after those hotness! And the double heat! NO! WORDS!

LOVED LOVED LOVED this series so much and really can't wait for the fourth book!

HIGHLY recommend this!

And GOD, all those shifting scenes! Loved all of them. All. Of. Them! But my favorite scene was when Benjy shifted in front of the prince to save his mate from him. Awww♥


“Angel and suspect me of having designs on you, which I won’t deny, but I’m to keep my hands to myself and not ogle you or flirt with you and be in all ways thoroughly respectful.” JT rolled his eyes.

“Was that respectful?” Benjy felt OK teasing because JT sounded like he was teasing too.

“No, but I was disrespecting Angel and Ryker, not you.”

“Prince Angel.” Speaking of being disrespectful. They didn’t pay much attention to Northern Pack royalty in the Hinterlands, but a prince was a prince.

“He’d rather be called Angel. And anyway, he’s not the crown prince. That honor goes to a heinous toad named Devin, who I have strict orders to keep you away from because he absolutely will take advantage of you given half an opportunity whereas I—” JT raised his hands with an innocent smile “—will keep my hands to myself unless you consent to be touched. Or ogled,” JT added with a wink which definitely broke the no-flirting rule.

Benjy didn’t mind. There couldn’t be any harm in being admired by another omega, and JT’s warm regard made him hot all the way through as if the sun had taken up residence in his chest.

“It’s OK if you want.” He tried to say it as though it didn’t make any difference to him one way or the other, but he was gratified when JT immediately took it as permission to pull him into a hug. What remained of Benjy’s apple was caught between them by the unexpected gesture.

“Well, thank the pink bunny in the sky,” JT said as he set Benjy away from him faster than Benjy had had a chance to enjoy being up against him. “Because I might be able to stop myself from touching you if you were dead set against it, but looking? How could I not?”

“I’m not so much to look at.” He tossed the apple core into a compost bin and tried to clean the sticky splotch it’d left on his chest by licking his fingers and rubbing them over it.

“Great leaping elk, I already know they don’t have libraries in the Hinterlands, but don’t they have mirrors?”

They did, though probably not so many nor so large as JT was accustomed to, but Benjy didn’t say that because he’d already come off as too deep-woods once.

“You only have to look at yourself to see how extraordinary you are,” JT insisted as he watched Benjy attempt to clean himself like a cat. “Your eyes are so silver I’d never need a mirror myself if I had you for company, and your hair is made of spun spider silk.”

“Only we all look that way back home,” he admitted, sorry to ruin JT’s good impression of him. “Do they all look like you where you’re from?”

JT’s eyes were a tawny gold and his hair was a million shades to match them, each strand painted its own color, one as yellow as butterfly wings and the next as bronze as cherry tree bark. The light ones caught the sun and the dark ones formed tempting shadows—so much more interesting than the bland uniformity of his own silver hair. JT’s skin had warmer and cooler spots too, so that his eyes loomed out of smoky brown shadows, but the bright spots of his cheeks gleamed like fool’s gold.

“You’re so beautiful.” He raised a hand up to trace one of the dusky swoops that outlined JT’s eyebrows but stopped himself short. “I shouldn’t touch you either, I guess.”

“But I give you permission to. I give you permission to touch me anywhere.”

About the Author

Tanya writes in a variety of romantic and erotic genres, being an avid follower of many of these genres herself. Some of her favorites are M/M romance, MFM threesomes, and BDSM with male submissives.

Tanya lives in New England with her partner and has participated in many of the activities about which she writes, but not all of them. It's left to the reader to decide which are which.
Twitter: @tanyachrs

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