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Thursday, September 05, 2019

~ Claiming Bite ~

Author: Silvia Violet
Title: Claiming Bite
Release date: 2019 September 13
Pages: 226
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Rating: ★★★★☆


What if the one thing you wanted most was forbidden?

Alpha werewolf King Howler seems to have everything he could want: power, wealth, and his own club where he can act out his dominant fantasies. But the one thing he lacks is his fated mate.

Shy loner Emerson has always craved submission, not to another human—to a shifter. Handing over control to anyone could be dangerous, but with a shifter, it might be deadly. Yet all his fantasies star a werewolf who can make him beg.

When King and Emerson meet, the bond between them is instinctive and undeniable. King can't resist the pull he feels toward the younger man, even though giving Emerson what he longs for is risky. Emerson doesn't care how vulnerable he is. He knows he belongs with King, and he's willing to do anything to prove it. As longing turns to love, King knows he must find a way to keep Emerson safe, both from his enemies and from himself, because in the end, nothing can stop an alpha from claiming his mate.

My review: 

"I wanted a man who would teach me how to serve him."

I have mixed feelings. I loved the first half but after a while it was boring and I just wanted it to end. Just read and felt nothing, and I hate it when i didn't feel anything. 

The story was good and I loved King and Emerson, both were good character, but King was an idiot at times. I missed more erotica/romance, but I was happy to see the shifter scenes, I just love when I get shifter scenes in shifter books because that is what it's about. Give me all the shifting scenes with badass alphas in wolf form, with the fur and all the cuteness. like a big puppy. King was that, a big lovely puppy♥

"I wanted to hurt him and pleasure him and make him utterly mine."

So if it were more wolf thing or more romance or erotica and less, and I mean more less drama with the shifter society and hierarchy, i'd be happier.  

It was a good book, i'm happy that I read it, because I missed reading from Silvia Violet, but this book wasn't my best read from her. 

But! I'm curious about the other Howler's story, I hope we get more from this family, it has potential and this was a good start to a series (if it will be a series?!). 

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