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Friday, September 06, 2019

Big Summer Reading list ~ 2019

Here comes my reading list from this summer: 


Best audiobook: Top Secret by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy, narrated by Teddy Hamilton & Christian Fox

Best m/m/m : Close to Home by Carly Marie 

Best from a new to me author: Complementary Colors by Adrienne Wilder (the cover is missing from the picture, my bad)

Monthly favorite, best in everything: Heal with You by Nicky James


Best audiobook: hardest choice ever, becuase all 5 audio was AMAZING in this month, but let's say 
Circle of Trust by Nicholas Bella &Aimee Nicole Walker and narrated by Joel Leslie 

Best short story: Open Encounters by Luna David & Morningstar Ashley 

but really, all the short stories in the kinky giveaway was awesome

Cutest read: Upside Down by N.R. Walker

Best wtf moment:
Crucial Lessons by Joseph Lance Tonlet
Best from a new-to-me author: 
Omega from the Ocean by Amy Bellows

Best new author I found and binge read: 
Adara Wolf 

Monthly favorite, best in everything : Under His Heel series by Adara Wolf


Best audiobook: Bond by Piper Scott & Virginia Kelly, narrated by Michael Ferrauiolo 

Cutest read: 
When Two Omegas Dance by Amy Bellows

Best short story: Desperately Seeking by Kate Hawthorne
Best from a new-to-me author: 
Verismo by E.M. Lindsey

Monthly favorite, best in everything: 
Future Ex-Enemy by Kate Hawthorne & EM Denning


And I have to recommend some books that were amazing, but couldn't put them in category to pick a favorite lol.

Sir by N.R. Walker
In The Absence of Light by Adrienne Wilder
Ever After series by Tanya Chris
Him Improvement by Tanya Chris
Saga of The City by the Flowers by Adara Wolf

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