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Saturday, March 23, 2019

~ Love Times Three ~

Author: Silvia Violet
Title: Love Times Three
Series: Trillium Creek #2 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 190
Release date: 2019 March
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Rating: ★★★★★


If you love something let it go...
Brett thought letting Ryder go was the best way to show how much he loved him. Ryder would be free to find an omega and start the family he’d always wanted. Ryder doesn’t want anyone but Brett, and he will do whatever necessary to convince him they belong together.

If it comes back to you…
Cam is on the run from his pack. He’s not looking for love, but when he’s rescued by Brett, his childhood crush, he realizes those feelings he had for his former packmate haven’t faded. Then fate steps in when Cam meets Ryder, Brett’s alpha mate, and a bond is formed. Cam tries to fight his attraction to both men, but the pull he feels toward them may prove too strong.

It’s yours…
Ryder knows Cam is the omega he and Brett need to complete their dream of happily ever after. He’s their missing piece, and it will take them both to convince Brett the three of them belong together.

My review: 

This book was as cute and perfect as always. I really loved it, the threesome was so good! Ryder, Brett and Cam, aww they were so lovely.
And the heat scene, HOLYHELL!!!! ♥ 
I loved how alpha and dominant Ryder was, and Cam was so cute! And Brett, poor baby, i love him so much.

And the shifter scenes OMG it was perfect! I loved them in wolf form! 

I love the Trillium Creek books and highly recommend it to everyone! Cute, romantic and erotic, good shifter scenes and the omega's heat HOT!

Love times Three is an age gap, shifter mpreg romance with a loving beta, a feisty omega, and an alpha who longs to care for them both. This is the second book in the Trillium Creek series. Book 1 is Love and Long Last.

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