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Monday, March 04, 2019

~ Coming Home ~

Author: Carly Marie
Title: Coming Home
Series: Finding Home #2 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 207
Release date: 2019 February
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Ty Scott has spent most of his life trying to keep his best friend, Declan, strictly in the friend zone. It hasn’t been easy, especially sharing a condo with him for six years. But having an unattainable straight best friend in his life is better than losing that friendship altogether.

At 26, Declan Andrews is settled in his life. He’s been a Navy SEAL for seven years, rapidly climbing the ranks and doing everything he can to put as much space between him and his childhood. Being locked tightly in the closet is wearing him down, and seeing his best friend shamelessly flirting with a guy in a bar one night snaps something inside of him.

Will staying in the closet end up pushing Declan’s best friend, and the man he’s loved for most of his life, away for good? Will Ty’s sexy secret be too much for Declan to handle? Or will an on-the-job accident stop everything before it starts?

My review: 

I loved the first book- At Home - and couldn't wait to read this one, because of Ty. I wanted Ty and Declan's story so bad! 


This wasn't the story i hoped for. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but wasn't perfect either. Something was missing... And the fact that it was 6 years after the first book?! I hated this :( I know, they needed to age up some, but 6 years is a lot ...especially if we meet the characters from the first book too. Many things changed, Colt and Derek got a family with kids (really?! this was a bit strange for me)...

The story was good, but i felt like i read about nothing. It has 44 chapters, but it felt like only 5-6 was good and important for the storyline. The love between Ty and Declan was cute, but the erotic scenes... hmm not so good, and not enough!  

I loved when Colt and Derek were there too, and Ty's whole family too. It was cute that Declan became a Scott family member. 

The fact that Declan wasn't gay openly - and he confessed Ty his feelings later - was good, but everything happened so fast and they haven't got any probleme with anyone at all. Everything was too perfect... 
The ending was really good, i loved that scene with all the Scott family, and lol Jasper! It was clear at that point that Jasper will be the next book's MC! 

So! I loved reading it, but it was too much at some point. I missed the erotic scenes, the hotness and romance. BUT i loved the panties and lace fetish!!!! This was the best in the whole book! All the beautiful and sexy lingerie.

*Coming Home is an approximately 72k word, best friends-to-lovers, demisexual romance novel, with a sassy man in lingerie and an HEA. While Coming Home is the second book in the Finding Home Series, it can be read as a standalone novel*

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