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Sunday, March 31, 2019

~ Fighting for Love ~

Author: Noah Steele
Title: Fighting for Love
Series: Cut to the Feeling #2 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 320
Release date: 2019 April 18
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Rating: ★★★★★


When daydreamer Oliver Park falls—literally—into the arms of a boy he’s never seen at the coffee house before, the spark of mystery muscle boy Seth Kane’s touch sends him reeling.

He hasn’t felt anything like it since he was in love with his ex-boyfriend turned best friend Aiden. When Seth asks Oliver out, the immediate heat between them is too great to ignore.

But Seth is holding back.

Are stolen moments with Oliver enough, or will Seth’s growing love risk putting a target on Oliver’s back? Someone dangerous stands in the way of the new couple’s happily ever after. Someone willing to do whatever it takes to keep Seth and Oliver apart.

Can Seth get close to Oliver without letting the sweet, soft boy get too close?

What if the truth sends Oliver running scared?

Is their whirlwind romance worth the fight?
My review:

I was so excited after finishing the first book, i wanted to read Olly's story so bad! And finally the book is here in my hand! And a month before release day, really, am I dreaming?! :))) Thank you so much Noah!♥

The book was so much better then i thought it would be! I was a bit afraid i'll be disappointed, but no! It was really good! And so much better then the first book! 

It's still insta love - but now i knew it before reading it lol. Seth and Olly was cute together and i loved that they were the opposites of each other. Seth the fitness and muscle guy while Olly the nerd book and coffee lover. And i loved how strong they were and not just Seth, Olly was so strong too! 

I loved they relationship and how they fell in love, it was romantic and cute♥ And god, the erotic scenes! Super hot and sexy! 

"I didn't care what I was getting myself into. It didn't matter that we'd only just met. I knew Seth was worth all his demons and more. And we were going to slay them together."

And that little game between them, that they were the demon and cleric from Olly's book, awww♥

This book was super cute with lovely and strong characters. The emotions were also strong and the romance and erotica was the top! It was really good and I am so happy to had a chance for the ARC copy! 

And while you guys are waiting for this book to release, (if you don't... then really?!) read the first book Racing into Love.

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