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Monday, July 05, 2021

~ Briefly Buddies by Chase Connor ~


Briefly Buddies by Chase Connor 

Coming August 6th

by The Lion Fish Press




Being a gay teen can be difficult, but for Dustin Blanchard, it’s been pretty boring, actually. In less than twenty-four hours he’s going to graduate from high school. His parents and friends have always given him their full support and unconditional love. He’s always had plenty of friends in school, he’s attractive, always gotten good grades, and he’s headed into a new chapter of life—university after his last summer of working at a local ice cream joint. His life has been…blessed.

There’s just one thing. He’s never had a boyfriend. Never gotten laid. Never even been kissed. Well, not like that, anyway. So, life has been good, but it’s been boring. When he came out, Dustin imagined his own rom-com, teenage, coming-of-age scenario playing out, finding a boyfriend in high school, and being crowned dual Kings of the Prom.

Nothing ever works out the way he imagines, though, and he’s getting pretty tired of it.
On the night of his graduation, Dustin and his friend, Miguel, come up with a plan while sharing a few beers swiped from the neighborhood barbecue. If you can’t get laid through skill and swagger of your own, you can always turn to a professional. All you need is the internet and a device.

So, buzzed from the beers, Dustin logs onto Briefly Buddies to find the perfect guy to help him achieve his first real gay experience.

And that’s where everything really started to go wrong…


My review:


"Now I was waiting on a sex worker to show up at my house while my parents were on a two-week vacation at our lake cabin."

Chase can write anything and I'll be first in the line to read it, I don't care about blurbs or covers or anything at all, just give me all the words. No matter if it's new adult or erotica, paranormal or contemporary. Just! Give! It! To! Me!

I haven't got a clue what this book will be about, haven't even seen the cover when I started the ARC, but let me tell you, it was instant love from the first letter. I mean, the MC - Dustin - is masturbating to his favorite porn video in the very first scene. How hot is it!

I loved Dustin and his personality. Loved that he was a virgin and wanted to lose his V-card really bad. 

The story is the summer after graduating from high school. Dustin and his friends are spending their last summer before adulting comes when they go to University. I enjoyed Dustin's friends, especially Jake. Jake was hilarious, I laughed many times, he was my favorite character in this book. While Miguel - Dustin's BFF was just a 'meh' for me. But let's be clear, if there's no Miguel, there's no story to tell, so yeah. 

The best way to lose your virginity? Hire a sex worker. And don't forget to be drunk while doing it. 

It was so, so good! It was sweet and adorable. Dustin was a cute mess and Max was the perfect pair for him. I loved Max so much and I wanted to read some chapters from his POV so badly. He is such a cutie pie! I really liked Dustin and his awkward moments, but Max was the best ever. I want my own Max! 

Really enjoyed this book. I thought this will be more erotic then it was, but it was just perfect the way it was. Two adorable and awkward guy trying their best to spend time together as friends while having their sex drive sated.

Oh and I have to mention how HOT those sex scenes were. WOW.

And I was just in the mood to read some awkward and cute first timers. 
Well done! Highly recommend!

PS. I'm here for more Dustin and Max, I'm curious how their life is going at the University ;)

About the Author:

Chase Connor currently lives in the American Midwest with his husband, his dog, and spends his days writing about the people who live (loudly and rent-free) in his head when he’s not busy being enthusiastic about naps and Pad Thai. Chase started his writing career as a confused gay teen looking for an escape from reality. Ten years later, one of the books he wrote during those years, Just A Dumb Surfer Dude: A Gay Coming-of-Age Tale, was published independently. Now with The Lion Fish Press (and more than 20 books later), Chase has numerous projects in various stages of completion lined up for publishing. 

Chase is a multi-genre author, but always with a healthy dollop of gay.

Chase can be reached at 
Or on Twitter @ChaseConnor7 
He can also be found on Chase Connor Books 

Chase’s Published Books 

LGBTQ+ YA Books 

Just a Dumb Surfer Dude: A Gay Coming-of-Age Tale 
Just a Dumb Surfer Dude 2: For the Love of Logan 
Just a Dumb Surfer Dude 3: Summer Hearts Gavin’s Big Gay Checklist 
A Surplus of Light 
The Guy Gets Teddy 
When Words Grow Fangs 

LGBTQ+ New Adult/Lit Fic/MM Romance

A Tremendous Amount of Normal 
The Gravity of Nothing 
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A Straight Line (w/ co-author J.D. Wade) 

LGBTQ+ YA & MG Fantasy 

A Million Little Souls 

A Point WorthLGBTQ Paranormal Romances 

Jacob Michaels Is Tired (Book 1) 
Jacob Michaels Is Not Crazy (Book 2) 
Jacob Michaels Is Not Jacob Michaels (Book 3) 
Jacob Michaels Is Not Here (Book 4) 
Jacob Michaels Is Trouble (Book 5) 
CARNAVAL (A Point Worth LGBTQ Paranormal Romance Story) 
Jacob Michaels Is Dead (Book 6) 
Jacob Michaels Is… The Omnibus Edition (all 6 JMI books and CARNAVAL) 
Murder at the Red Rooster Tavern (Book 7) 




A Surplus of Light: A Gay Coming-of-Age Tale (narrated by Brian Lore Evans) 
Between Enzo & the Universe (narrated by Brian Lore Evans; Tantor Media) 


Between Enzo & the Universe – Spanish 
A Surplus of Light - Spanish

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