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Sunday, June 23, 2019

~ Never Enough ~

Author: E.M. Denning
Title: Never Enough
Series: Upstate Education 3 (can be read as standalone)
Pages: 200
Release date: 2019 June 19
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Rating: ★★★★☆


Tommy Parker has everything under control. He's made it through almost four years of University without revealing the secrets of his tumultuous home life. He has his eye on the prize but he can't turn down a party invitation from his friend Shawn. Even though it's not his scene Tommy finds he doesn't mind being the subject of Vince Barnett's attention.

Vince Barnett is ready to move on. After being left abruptly by his long-term partner he vows to never settle again. But he never expected to meet somebody like Tommy who seems receptive to and in desperate need of the attention Vince wishes to give. But Vince fears the past may repeat itself.

When Tommy's secrets invade his daily life the two men find themselves pushed closer together. Tommy must admit he can't do everything on his own. Vince will have to overcome his trepidation and be the daddy Tommy desperately desires or risk losing him forever.

My review:

I LOVE Daddy-kink books so much, and i love EM's books too, but this was so light for my tasting. It was good, i really liked it, but i wanted it to be a bit more.

Tommy was cute, and Daddy Vince was *sigh* yeah a real daddy♥ I just have only one probleme; i finished reading this book last week, and i don't remember what was in the book?! I hate it when it happens to me, because I remember all the good ones... So this is my way of telling, this wasn't perfect for me because i can't remember it at all. I have some flashbacks from the story, but nothing more. But I do remember I liked reading it, and I read an ARC copy! I was over the moon when I got it from Kate Hawthorne, I wanted to read this book so much! So I hate myself for not liking it enough. 

So! It was a good book, but not the best of the Daddy-books I read. But I really recommend it! 
I know... i have twisted feelings and my review is nothing but stammering, sorry... I liked it but not as much as I wanted to.

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