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Wednesday, June 05, 2019

~ Love Someone Like Me ~

Author: Silvia Violet
Title: Love Someone Like Me
Series: Trillium Creek 4 (can be read as standalone)
Release date: 2019 May 31
Pages: 167
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Rating: ★★★★☆



I'm not a typical omega. I like control, and I'd rather take than be taken.

After years of fantasizing, I finally find an alpha who will submit to all my desires. Our connection is beyond intense. My wolf says we're fated for each other, but I know better.

Even if a test strip says I'm pregnant, I don't want a mate. No matter how submissive he may appear, I won't link myself to an alpha.


I'll never live up to what my pack thinks an alpha should be.

I don't want to order omegas and betas around. In fact, I'd prefer to hand over the reins and enjoy the bliss of surrender.

I jump at the chance when a dominant omega asks me to share his heat. Once I get a taste of him, I know a few days together won't be enough. I want it all: a mating ceremony, kids, the future stretched before us. He wants to run as fast as he can, but I’m determined to show him I don’t want to confine him—I want to set him free.

My review: 

I love reading Silvia's books and Trillium Creek is one of my favorite series, but this book wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It wasn't bad, but not good either. I can say it was a bit boring. 

The story and the characters were cute as always, but i think the whole fall-in-love-and-mate thing was a bit fast, and the drama! Holy hell, the drama with the other pack's alpha and his habit with the young omegas... it was a good side-theme and it had potential in it, but had ended fast too. Boom-boom, wolf changing, a little ass-kicking- and i mean really little!!! - and end of story. I was sad and dissapointed.

So it wasn't my favorite from the series, and I think this part is negligible. Derek and Waverly didn't leave a deep impression on me. 

I had a chance to read an ARC copy, and this was my honest review. 

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