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Thursday, October 31, 2019

~ Gilded Cages ~

Author: R. Phoenix
Title: Gilded Cages
Release date: 2019 October 18
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Rating: ★★★★☆


“All I want is a puppy for my baby boy. That’s all. Just a good puppy for my boy. The better you behave, the happier you’ll be.”

When Cammy’s Daddy asked him if he wanted a puppy, he expected the fluffy, four-legged kind. Instead, he finds that his Daddy meant something else entirely... and he isn't sure what to think of the new addition to the household.

Zay’s life might not have been perfect, but it was still better than being kidnapped and sold. When his new Master tells him he’s going to be Cammy’s puppy, he has to decide just what he’s going to do…

My review: 

Oh yes! Stockholm syndrome with ABDL, puppy-play, bit slavery and mind fucks. All the yummy things. 

Loved reading it and loved the dual POV. Cammy and Zay were both interesting characters, and the life Cammy lived with his Daddy... WOW. 

The story was good and unique. I love it when the story surprises me and I feel all the feels while reading the book. I had mixed feelings and I can't decide which feeling is the best to describe this journey. Really was interesting and twisted. 

I misssed more erotic scenes between Cammy and his Daddy. But loved the sweet scenes between Zay and Cammy. And the darker between Zay and his Master. 

It was a really good read, I loved the twisted and dark theme, and I still can't wrap my head around 'Daddy'. I can't decide I like him or not, he is good or not. I need more about them, I just need.

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