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Friday, February 19, 2021

~ Love Limits by Reese Morrison ~


Author: Reese Morrison
Title: Love Limits
Series: Love Language 3 (read the second book first, not a standalone)
Pages: 268
Release date: 2021 February 19
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Rating: ★★★★★


Ash wants a Daddy. Zhong wants Ash.

But Zhong knows he can't give Ash what they need. He's asexual, and when he looks for someone special, it should be someone who will be satisfied with what he can offer. Right?

Zhong has never been enough for anyone else, so when the playful sub who loves board games and wants a Daddy bounces into his life, he knows he’ll have to sit on the sidelines.

But as Zhong grows closer to Ash, he learns more about himself. Maybe he can be the Daddy Ash needs. Maybe his love doesn’t have to have limits.

Love Limits contains a caring asexual Daddy, a genderqueer sub, age play, puppy play, sign language and a HFN. Love Lessons and Love Limits share intertwined characters and timelines, and this book should be read only after reading Love Lessons.

My review: 

I am so, so happy! I've waited for this book forever, and the ancitipation was killing me slowly. I was both excited and afraid of the book, because I had high expectations, but let me tell you, this book was so much more and better than I hoped for! 

This book is everything and more. The perfect asexual representation book. Perfect with the Daddy kink, age play and puppy play. Zhong and Ash were so good together and I loved reading their story so much. 

This is exactly what I'm looking for in a romance book. I don't need sex and kisses on all pages, this book is the perfect example for how to write an amazing romance book without those things. It blew my mind! So, so good! I can't recommend it enough! I knew Zhong will be amazing, but with Ash...just OMG. 

I loved the board games, loved all the cuddles, loved that Dustin and Landon/Lena were both there and played so much in this relationship. I really can't wait for the next book and see where this all goes! So exciting! 

And the other best thing beside the great asexual and BDSM rep is the ASL! The sign languages is so amazingly well written and it came through. I just love this series and its uniqueness. 

HIGHLY recommend this book and this series! 

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