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Friday, February 26, 2021

~ Devoted by Roe Horvat ~


Author: Roe Horvat
Title: Devoted
Release date: 2021 February 26
Pages: 262
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Rating: ★★★★★


Nate is either extremely foolish or extremely fortunate—he’ll find out soon enough. In his defense, he doesn’t have a choice. One squeeze of a hand and he’s lost, ready to follow Caleb anywhere, do anything… Except His Excellency Caleb Massoud is the least available man in the Northwest. He’s young and beautiful, outrageously rich, surrounded by security detail, and bound by the strict rulebook of his conservative family. Loving Caleb is forbidden, a sacrilege. But what if Caleb returns Nate’s feelings?

Entangled in secrets and his parents’ demands, Caleb can barely breathe. His heat is approaching, and the hormones are messing with his head and body, while his fathers insist he must marry now. As the only omega son and heir, Caleb is supposed to stay pure until he chooses one of the pre-approved alphas. Instead, he’s burning with all-consuming lust for an older, liberal American without any wealth or connections. And Nate desires him back—it’s clearly written in his eyes. Caleb has been the docile omega long enough. It’s time to smash the golden cage and take what he wants.

Devoted is an erotic love story, inspired by MM omegaverse romance.

My review: 

Omegaverse authors tends to write heat scenes as short as possible. But not Roe Horvat! And I love it!

All the heat scenes I missed in other books, I've got it from this. And some more. Phew, full on sex on every page, I don't even know how the author could wrote those different scenes, because every sex scene were different then the last.

I don't care if there isn't enough romance in my erotica (when the erotica is written beautifully!). 
Caleb and Nate's story is instalove and instasex, and I enjoyed every page of it. The short novella, when Sebastien was with Caleb on his first heat was sexy and really good too, and I couldn't wait to know how Caleb's HEA would look like. 

I loved their relationship aside from the instalove, Caleb's parents were interesting too. Sebastien was a really good friend for Caleb, and I loved how he helped them. 

I really enjoyed this book, the best heat scenes ever! I need more like this!

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