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Monday, February 01, 2021

~ Schooled by T.M. Chris ~


Author: T.M. Chris
Title: Schooled
Pages: 68
Release date: 2021 January 26
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Yet another failed assignment has Kelvin desperate enough to do anything to pass his college psychiatry class—even participate in a study as strange as this one. Signing up for the study means extra credit, and his professor thinks it might help him get his life together too. But can corporal punishment really solve his executive dysfunction issues?

Grant is pretty good-looking for a man his age. Kelvin would be happy to consider dating him, but he’s not sure about letting Grant discipline him. Does Grant really have a secret that will unlock Kelvin’s success? And could that secret be contained in his long slim fingers and surprisingly strong hands? Kelvin trusts himself to the scientific process in an attempt to find out.

This hot and heavy M/M spanking novella includes a happy ending.

My review: 

Ahhh, who doesn't love a good spanking story? Spiced with teacher/student - say no more! The best thing ever. 

"The idea of being turned over his lap for a spanking made Kelvin feel both excited and sick. Or maybe sick that he was excited. But that couldn’t be right—a teacher spanking you. He would refuse to allow it."

I love how Tanya writes kink and I love that she can write so many things in a short novella too. 

Kelvin and his discipline to study better and get better grades - wow, this is the ultimate spanking story that could happen to a student! Why aren't there more books like this? I have a need for more! 

The spanking scenes were so well written, I loved how Kelvin enjoyed them and was confused about all that. And Grant, ahh, so good. He tried to keep a distance, but he wasn't as strong as he thought he was. And I loved it! The little touches, and when Kelvin was in a jockstrap, holyhell! LOOOVED it!

"He really wanted Grant to pat him on his head and tell him he was a good boy. And then spank the shit out of him anyway."

I really enjoyed reading this short story. Highly recommend!

"I’m giving you this spanking not because I’m mad at you but because you deserve to be cared for. To be cherished and corrected and supported and loved. I’m giving you this spanking because I love you. Understand?”

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