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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

~ Mate ~

Authors: Piper Scott - Virginia Kelly (Lynn Van Dorn)
Title: Mate
Series: Forbidden Desires 3 (can be read as standalone, but DONT! :D read the others too!)
Pages: 379
Release date: 2019 February
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


Spitfire Disgrace Matthieu Boudreaux has one wish: to age out of the Pedigree he despises, then destroy it. With one year left before he achieves the first step of his goal, Matthieu finally has some hope for an independent future… until a surly Amethyst dragon by the name of Geoffrey Drake and his entourage show up at Matthieu’s cloister and inform him he’s been selected to be part of an ‘experiment.’

Geoffrey Drake, proud and stuffy legal counsel for the Amethyst clan, has been charged with ruining his own life. His mission? Deliver a potential mate to the son of the Amethyst clan’s most despised enemy—and the man he’s loved in secret for the last hundred years—Topaz dragon Ian Brand. Refusal is impossible. Dragons don’t consort with dragons, and should Geoffrey decline, he risks exposing them both.

Ian Brand, charming black sheep of the Topaz clan, is trapped between his forbidden love for an Amethyst dragon centuries his senior and his duty to his family. Chosen by his unhinged father to be the Topaz candidate for the mating experiment, Ian is faced with a terrible choice: run away with the man he loves and face the deadly consequences, or accept his fate with a broken heart.

But dragon magic, as Matthieu, Geoffrey, and Ian soon discover, works in mysterious ways. When an unforeseeable circumstance draws them all together and puts their futures at risk, they have no choice but to set their differences aside and work together to prove a new, startling truth…

What the dragon world knows about mates has been wrong all along, and it will be up to the three of them to prove it.

My review: 

Ohmyyyy!!! I wanted to read this book so bad! This series is everything! So at that moment when i got the ARC copy i was hyperventillating and screaming lol. But as bad as i wanted to read, i didn't want it to end, so i read it really slow. Like 2-3 chapters per day slow. It was frustrating as hell but it was so good i didn't want to finish it.

The book was amazing and so more than i thought it would be. I didn't read the blurb, so i didn't know that it's a menage! Oh my god, if i knew it... holy hell, it is the best i didn't know, because menage is my weakness, and i can't think i could fangirling harder :D 

"Matthieu was mated to Geoffrey Drake, and no matter what he did, he would be forevermore."

Matthieu, Geoffrey and Ian were really awesome characters and i loved reading about their relationship. And the mate-bond WOW! It was mind blowing! I loved it! The whole thing was amazing!
I loved Ian's life, and the love between Ian and Geoffrey was so beuatiful! And the peacocks! LOL so cute! The dragons and their little pets :D

"You knit sweaters for birds?"
"Goodness, no," Geoffrey chuckled. "I have no patience for knitting."
Somehow, that didn't surprise Matthieu. "Oh, well, of course- "
"I crochet." 

Matthieu was hilariuos, i loved how strong he was and full with love. And he was Geoffrey and Ian's universe. He was everything. And i couldn't wait for his heat, awwww, that scene!!!! :) It was hot, but not long enough :( It was the only probleme with the book, the hot scenes was not long enough and it wasn't enough sex scenes either :( But the emotions! So good!

And the best part?! The family reunion! There were all the Drake dragons i love with their mates and babies and it was so cute! That was the best in the book, the end scenes! I loved it so much!

Ahh, Mate was so good, i loved reading it.

And i NEED Grimbold's book! I am the only one? I want to see that old dragon find love and his mate again! And to see Geoffrey and the others faces when Grimbold'll have baby dragons again lol. My imagination is endless lol. 

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