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Sunday, February 24, 2019

~ Fire From The Sea ~

Authors: Noah Harris - Rowan Porter
Title: Fire From The Sea
Release date: 2019 February
Rating: ★★★★★
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Opposites attract, but can the love between these two shifters overcome all the odds against them?

A Reluctant Servant

Jaryn’s life might not have been perfect, but it was his, and that had been enough.

He’d had his mother and sister, he’d been in college, and he’d been working on starting a life for himself. That all changed when his mother died, plunging his life into chaos. Before he even has a chance to grieve, before he can give his mom the funeral she deserves and adjust to being responsible for his little sister, he learns just how bad things really are. His mom owed a debt to the royal shifters, and now it’s his job to pay it off. But getting a job flipping pizzas isn’t going to cover the amount she owes, and now Jaryn finds himself accepting a job serving the royal shifters to pay off her debt. It can’t be too hard, right? It isn’t like this job is going to change his life…

A Future King

After signing a peace treaty with humans to end the Great Wars, Rhys’s family of dragon shifters became royalty. Rhys, however, feels more suited to the battlefield than the political arena. The rest of his life now mapped out for him, all he wants is to find his true mate. But with his parents pushing him to claim the throne, he fears he might have to settle for someone else.

Just when both of their lives seem tumultuous and uncertain, Jaryn and Rhys’s paths cross and become inseparably intertwined. Jaryn finds an anchor in a shifter from the sky, and Rhys finds his dragon’s flame in the heart of a shifter from the sea.

My review: 

Dragons are my new obsessions, and after watching How to train your dragon 3 (and crying!), i was happy to finally read this book. I need more dragon in my life. Period.

The book was awesom! I gave it 5 star so easily! Loved every page of it, and the characters were amazing too!

And how cool it was that Jaryn was a sea serpent and Rhys a dragon?! Coolest idea ever! 

I loved Jaryn and Rhys too, and their relationship was so cute. Loved reading about their love, and the whole mate thing was so good! And the perfect thing? They were shifting into their animal form often. That scene was my favorite when Rhys shifted into dragon and he flew with Jaryn and Delia, it was so lovely♥

As I said, the story was good and the characters were changing into their better form, but i hate one thing in books- stupid characters! And at the end of the book we had some. The drama was a bit to much, and i hated that after they confessed the mate thing between them, the relationship stopped and we had only a few cute and lovely scenes. But the end was good! So good! Awww♥

After all, it was a really good book, i loved it and recommend it! And i need more book like this! More lovely dragons♥

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Fire From The Sea is a standalone M/M Dragon Shifter romance featuring two sexy men from very different worlds whose fate will be forever intertwined. 18+ only please.

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