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Monday, December 06, 2021

~ Lost at the Crossing by Nicky James ~


Author: Nicky James
Title: Lost at the Crossing
Series: Rail Riders 2 (can read as standalone)
Pages: 349
Release date: 2021 November 29
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


Two lost boys. Two long years. One path back to each other.

Elian has lost two major anchors in his life, and he can’t figure out how to get back on track, so he takes to the rails, trying to outrun his struggles. The farther he runs, the deeper he sinks, losing himself more and more until a random phone call reminds him, he isn’t as alone as he thought. There is someone out there who still cares—Tyler.

Two years ago, Tyler lost more than his best friend. He lost the other half of his heart. He knows Elian’s struggles, and he now knows Elian is alive. When his rider friends offer to help, he’s hesitant. They don’t know as much about Elian as they should, and it’s Tyler’s fault for shutting them out. Too many people might scare Elian off.

Besides, how can he explain to his friends his desperation to find Elian when his feelings are so new and unexplored?

Tyler is convinced he only needs one person to mend his wounded heart—Elian.

** Lost at the Crossing is a new adult gay romance story of first love between two inexperienced boys. It’s a story of found family and lifelong friendships. It explores tropes including hurt/comfort, friends-to-lovers, two virgins, second chance romance, and demisexual awakening. It has angst. Let’s be honest, it’s me. It’s inevitable. Lost at the Crossing is the second book in the Rail Riders series. It can be read as a standalone but may be better enjoyed after reading End of the Line. **

My review:

Elian and Tyler's story was so lovely and I loved reading their book. 

I love the Rail Riders gang so much and everything that happens in this world, and I missed more excitement from this story. More freight-hopping situation and more 'traveling'. The story took place mostly in warm houses with food, so it wasn't as exciting as the previous one. Anyway, the story was still awesome and the characters super adorable. 

Elian's background and family was the angst-o-meter in this book, and let me tell you, there were scenes where I cried like a baby! Nicky can writes deep emotions like no one. 

Two virgin guy, ahh how adorable they were! Their first time, aww, just really AWWWW!

Toward the end of the story we got another surprise in the angst part, and I was just a bit tempted to throw my kindle away... lol. But at the end everyone was happy, so was I. 

Loved this story, but please forgive my crazy fangirling - BECAUSE DODGER IS NEXT. Oh hell, bring it onnnnn! Can't wait!

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