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Monday, December 20, 2021

Blog Tour & Giveaway for the Multi-Author Dark MM Anthology: These Deviant Ties


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Blog Tour & Giveaway for the Multi-Author Dark MM Anthology: These Deviant Ties

these deviant ties cover

Deviants and delinquents...

These men exist outside the law. They walk in the shadows and thrive in the dark.

Bad to the bone, they take what they want.

What happens when what they want is you?

What happens when the anger that burns through their veins is now directed at you?

Can enemies really become lovers or is it just a losing game?

These Deviant Ties follows eleven authors who bring you steamy, dark MM stories that will make your toes curl and your heart pound.

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To celebrate the release of These Deviant Ties, the authors are giving away a $25 Amazon Voucher for sharing about this release on blog sites and social media!

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The Authors Involved include:

Andi Rhodes
Andréa Joy
Amy Thorn
René Van Dalen
CP Harris
Amy Davies
Emma Jaye
Nero Seal
Laura Lascarso
Kamisa Cole
Alice La Roux

My review:

I love dark stories but after reading this Anthology (some of the stories, not the whole book), I think my imagination about dark isn't the same as these authors'. These wasn't dark enough for me, but still, I enjoyed them the same. Let's say, light gray, lol.

Nero Seal's story was my favorite, and that was the first story I read from this anthology. It's twisted and dark-ish hahahaha. Loved the forced sex scene on the street. And it has plot too, not just a smutty dark whatever, it was really good.

I read CP Harris and Laura Lascarso's story too and I enjoyed them too. Both stories were great and wasn't disappointing. I just love their writing styles and these short stories were enjoyable and hot too. 

I tried to read Emma Jaye too, but it wasn't for me, I just couldn't get into the story and the characters either. Most of the time I like what Emma writes, but not now, sorry.

The other authors are new-to-me and I wasn't feeling this the right time to read them for the first time, but I'll give them a try later.


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