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Friday, February 18, 2022

~ Too Like The Lightning by Travis Beaudoin ~


Author: Travis Beaudoin
Title: Too Like The Lightning
Pages: (85K words)
Relase date: 2022 March 4
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Rating: ★★★★★


Andrew Madigan had everything he ever wanted.

He’d worked hard to build this perfect little life. A stable relationship with a successful man. A beautiful home in a quiet suburb. And best of all, a job where he spent his days talking about literature.

Then his tenure was denied and, too quickly for him to stop it, everything crumbled.

Now, with his dreams in the dust and his confidence shattered, Andrew has one summer to figure out his next move.

Bulbs, Florida, is like no place Andrew’s ever known. It’s small and provincial. It’s hot as hell. Storms roll through every single day. But Andrew just has to keep his head down. Finish his book, find a new job, put things back on track. Easy-peasy.

He didn’t plan on making a friend.

Coley Brandt has a green thumb and an easy smile. He’s much younger than Andrew, but he puts Andrew at ease, makes him feel at home. Their time together reminds Andrew what having a purpose feels like.

Suddenly, this long, lonely summer feels too short.

But Coley has dreams of his own, and they’re a million miles away from the life Andrew’s trying to get back.

Maybe this is just a summer fling. Maybe, like the lightning, it’s only meant to be glorious for a moment before it disappears.

Or maybe it’s something more.

Too Like the Lightning is a steamy small-town, age-gap romance. It’s perfect for lovers of second chances, coffee on the back porch, thunderstorms, poetry, and happily ever afters. 85,000 words.

My review: 

I feel like my words wouldn't do justice to the perfection that this story is. I finished the book 3 days ago, but I still think about it every day and in every hour. I just can't let the characters and their story go, and I find myself in a need of re-read it right now. Is it possible to feel this strongly? To want to re-read it after just finishing it? To fall in love with people who aren't real, just words and emotions on pages?

I fell in love with this story sometime in the early chapters. When I found out that Andrew, whom POV we see the story, is the older one in this age-gap relationship. When I found out that Andrew isn't perfect and he suffers deeply. When I saw that Andrew is seeing himself old (at 34) and unattractive? Anyway, when I saw Andrew, when I really saw him, I fell in love

Then came Coley, and he felt the pull too.

Coley is 20, and as we're seeing the story from Andrew's POV, we don't know that Coley is straight or not, just assume as Andrew does. And Andrew's gaydar suggests that Coley is straight... ;) 

The story is written with beautiful - not kidding, beautiful words. Travis writes so beautifully and so deeply emotional. I loved reading this book, every page is a gem. The world and character building, the emotional arc, the romance and the erotica - wow, the erotica! It was so pure and REAL! 

Loved how they got friendlier slowly and how cute Coley was with Andrew. Loved how Andrew was anxious but deep down was so hot for Coley and couldn't wait to put his hand on him, or vice versa. 
And when the cat was out of the bag... wow. I didn't see that hotness coming. 

"Andrew," he said. "You idiot. Who the hell told you I was a straight boy?"

Andrew's depression and anxiety with his job and his love life (or ex-boyfriend) was so well portrayed. Coley's friends and job was quite different but they were well written too and I enjoyed the gardening stuffs. The 14 year age gap doesn't look as big, especially seeing that Andrew is only 34 (which is NOT old!), but I loved how it was portrayed. Andrew was concerned (while he forgot that he had a bigger age-gap with his ex-boyfriend), while Coley not so much.

The casual things they did, being naked in a house, eating breakfast, laying in bed, going out in the rain, sex in the garden... :) All of these made the story more real. And the 4th of July day... ahhhh. The strawberries!♥

"I'd never watched a naked man eat a sandwich before, but this was proving to be a summer of firsts."

The ending was super sweet. It has the awaited drama, because no HEA is worth a damn without fighting for it, but it was so greatly written too and with perfect emotional background. Nothing and no one was perfect but they got to their HEA and it was worth everything. (but I'm a little concerned about Andrew's decision, because earlier he said to Coley that being a teacher is what he is and loves doing, so... what now?)

This whole story is so real, both the characters and the setting they are living in. You feel you could meet them on the street, hug them and talk to them. This story is the realest thing I've read in a while.

"What had I done to deserve this half-naked, fully gorgeous man standing in my living room, awkwardly asking to spend more time with me? Real or not, temporary or not, this had been the most perfect day in my memory."

Travis' magic is an added bonus to this story, because without it, it would be just another age-gap romance with depression and anxiety. There are hundreds of stories out there with this, but somehow this stands out. I love the way Travis writes and how he uses the perfect words. Beautifully written is the perfect description for it.

Gender and sexuality of the author is the last I think about when I'm reading a story, but sometimes you can just tell if it's written by a gay male author, it's more authentic and more life and real like. And I loved this fact in this book. 

Oh, my god. I knew I won't shut up about this book, but wow, it was a long review. I just can't wait for it to release and for everyone to read it, because it's the best thing that could happen to you. READ IT.

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