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Friday, March 18, 2022

~ Leashing His Heart by Adara Wolf ~


Author: Adara Wolf
Title: Leashing His Heart
Series: Leashing His Heart 1 (Under His Heel spin off)
Pages: 337
Release date: 2022 March 15
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Rating: ★★★★★


Broken, haunted Johan doesn’t want a bondservant. He certainly doesn’t want a bondservant like Emil, who is mouthy and disobedient and completely disrespectful. But if Johan can overcome his own nature and subjugate Emil, maybe he can finally win the respect of his family—and escape the painful shadows of his past.

Emil never expected to get caught for his crimes, and he didn’t expect to end up as a bondservant to one of the richest families on Cadmus Station. He’s willing to play nice, but he refuses to be submissive—there’s nothing submissive about him.

His new master is cruel, but he’s inept and inexperienced. Emil can see all the cracks in Johan, and he’s going to take every advantage he can get to gain the upper hand.

Leashing His Heart is set in the Under His Heel universe but can be read as a standalone.

Leashing His Heart contains dark themes and potentially triggering content. Read at your own discretion. You can find full content notes on the author's website.


My review: 


I LOOOOVE the original series, Tracht&Alex are everything, and I was really, really excited about this spin off. I was a bit afraid of the dark elements, because we got to see almost everything with Tracht, and now we're with his nephew, Johan. But wow! This book blew my mind. Everything I wanted and more. 

I wasn't prepared for the Tracht&Alex cameo, but holy shit, that scene was just perfect and so, so cruel. There wasn't a time when I 'hated' Tracht, but then and there, when he told THAT to Johan... poor baby. But really, it wouldn't even be Tracht if he wasn't cruel... 

Now back to the real stuff, let's talk about our two MC - Johan and Emil. 

Emil's first appearence was cute and made me *LOL* when I realised he'll be Johan's bondservant and Johan will be actually a master - or something like that. Hehe. Oh, but later on, how the tables have turned! Squeeeee!!

Emil was kind of irritating for me, he wasn't a bondservant material and everything he did (or really, didn't do!) was irritating. And how he acted with Johan. Pft. 

Johan, oh poor baby Johan. He only wants to be loved (by anyone, really), and to be cared for. He wants puppy play (but not sure in what role hahaha). I really liked him in this book, his character is well written and the emotions are so great. 

Adara writes really fascinating and interesting dark and twisted stories. 

I read this book in one sitting, couldn't and wouldn't put it down for anything. Loved it from start to finish and I just CAN NOT WAIT for the next book. 

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