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Wednesday, August 18, 2021

~ You Will Crave Me by Nicholas Bella ~


Author: Nicholas Bella
Title: You Will Crave Me 
Series: Odin Chronicles season 2 episode 1 (not a standalone)
Pages: 142
Release date: 2021 August 17
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Rating: ★★★★★


Dominic: I've been dreading this moment all month, the full moon. I've prayed that what everyone is saying isn't true. I don't want to turn, I don't want to feel that pain. Furthermore, I don't want to be drawn deeper into Dante's world... at least, that's what I want to believe is my desire. Truth is, the more I feed, the more I find myself enjoying this dark gift Dante has given me. How long can I continue to pretend otherwise?

I've served two dragon Kings prior to Kendrick, but he is by far the youngest King I've ever served before. A baby by our standards, to be honest. However, he intrigues me and seems to know exactly what he expects from us. Getting used to his wolves will be another thing I'll have to adjust to. History is being made and I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes. However, I do have one concern. WIth Kendrick being half-wolf, will he force me to release Giorgio? I may have taken the younger wolf as my prize, but I don't ever want to let him go

Kendrick: The night of the full moon is approaching and I'm still butting heads with my Mate-To-Be. Elliot is as stubborn as a mule and as aggressive as a bull. Two personality traits I'm finding myself drawn to. Can two Alpha males even make a relationship work, or did fate just play a cruel prank on us? I guess we'll find out, that is if we can be in the same room and not get into a fight.

Theoden: Having to serve two kings comes with its own unique obligations. Nothing I don't think I can't handle, but being a dragon Knight, comes with its own issues that I wasn't prepared for. Not to mention both of my kings are putting my allegiance to the test. Keeping Kendrick and Ara in an alliance will be my biggest challenge.

Warning: This series is highly addictive, and fans have complained that it's all they can think about, oftentimes re-reading each book until their next fix. Reader Advisory: 18 and older. Content may be sensitive to some readers, discretion is advised.

My review: 


"Was there ever a sight that could match the beauty of men fucking?" 


OHMY!! Nicholas Bella just did it AGAIN.  

The book before this was released almost 2 and a half year ago! Yes! Two and fcking half year of waiting for Theoden and the gang. But let me tell you, waiting never was this sweet. And holy moly, starting scene with TYLENDEL'S POV, my heart just stopped when I started reading this book. Because come on, it's Tylendel!!! Oh god, sorry, but I'm not capable of forming words right now. This book has killed me.

Tylendel! Oh my GOD. How I missed Ty and Theo together *insert crying heart eyed emoji*. My head is full with all the heart eyed emoji when I'm thinking about Ty in this book. Or Theo. Or them together. Or just whatever, THIS BOOK. 
Oh and Gio, sweet pup! *swoon*

Theoden! My forever favorite chracter ever. *insert crying emoji* I loooooved everything he did and happened to/with him in this book. All the things Ara, Kendrick and Ty told him to do. And all the things he had to do with his sons, just AWWWWWW. Oh and the Rite of Passage *smoking hot while crying laughing*

Kendrick! WOW! When I first saw his POV, I was like - thanks, but no thanks, the door is that way...- but come on, Nicholas did it and made me fall in love with this badass mofo. HOW. I wasn't prepared to fell this hard for Kendrick, because of reasons (Evander...). But wow, I really don't have words. How he was with Elliott, phew, mind blowing and hot as all helllll.

Dominic - it was fun and exciting, but mostly because of Dante. I loved seeing Dante and a little bit of Josef too. 

Marco, Bruce, Donovan - but mostly our dear priest boy, Donny. What the hell he was thinking? Oh god, he was such a p**sy, but I really loved when Theoden put him in his place. 

LOVED LOVED LOOOOVEEEED this book so much. I don't want to wait another 2 years for the next one, please, I need my Theoden back. And all the other boys too. And I'm not ready to say goodbye to this gang, because it's the last season for them.

Theoden and Tylendel for the win! These two just WOW.♥ Can't wait Ty's own book!

Oh and if it wasn't clear of my crazy review, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. 

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