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Sunday, February 07, 2021

Favorite reads from January

Favorite books from January

Favorite new-to-me author: 

It's so hard to choose, so I won't, because theese three authors are amazing and I loved their books so so much! 
Chase Connor

Daniel May

Winter Pior -

Favorite from a new-to-me author: 

A Tremendous Amount of Normal by Chase Connor

Favorite audiobook: 

How to Vex a Vampire/ How to Elude a Vampire by Alice Winters & Michael Ferrauiolo

Favorite short: 

Schooled by T.M. Chris

Favorite of the month: 

The Endless Road to Sunshine by Nicky James

+ books I have to mention because I loved them: 

This Is Not a Love Story by Suki Fleet

Enticed by the Enemy by Leighton Greene


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