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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

~ This Is Not Revenge by Romilly King ~


Author: Romilly King
Title: This Is Not Revenge
Series: This Is Not Revenge 1 
Pages: 147
Release date: 2021 February 27
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Rating: ★★★★☆ (4,5)


He’s never going to believe this is for his own good.

It looks like revenge.

I swear it’s not.

There is zero motivation for me to revenge what he did to my Father.

I’d rather kiss him for it.

(No, don’t think like that)

This is me doing the only thing I can to save him.

I can’t take the thought of one more death on my hands.

Too many people have lost everything so we can live.

And there is such power in the enemy vanquished.

He’ll understand, once I get through to him, once I explain it all, then we can be allies, or even friends.

I think I would like that.

It’s a shame I have to lock him up to do this.

(He does look really good in my chains though)

This Is Not Revenge is the first book in a new trilogy by gay romance author Romilly King. It features damaged characters, an unreliable narrator, and themes of dark, twisted love. The story arc will continue across all three books.

Trigger warning - this is a dark gay romance book and includes graphic violence, sexual scenes and psychological manipulation between lovers. Additional trigger warnings inside.

My review:

"There should be a book about this. Kidnapping for Dummies - The practicalities of keeping a human in captivity. It wouldn't sell in huge numbers but it would have a loyal fan base."

I was so excited about this book and after reading it my excitement is still here, because the cliffhanger is killing me! This series is going to be epic!

I don't know if I'm easy for this kind of theme, but the trigger warnings and the dark theme wasn't as disturbing for me as I thought it would be. It really wasn't as dark, but it was really exciting!

Leo & Gil's story is a well written Stockholm Syndrome with many questions and emotions. This is that kind of story which wouldn't leave you and you would question everything. Is magic real or is Gil crazy? And what about Leo? Is it really Stockholm Syndrome, or real feelings? I don't know the answers yet, but one thing clear, both Leo and Gil are deep in this shit together. They fallen in love in the mountains, even if magic is real or even if Gil has SDD (shared delusional disorder).

"I would happily fuck my kidnapper if he made the slightest overture."

The whole concept is really fascinating. The murders, Ensi and his past and sons, the magical things, and everything around Gil - they are just so exciting and I just want to know the answer to everything. 

"He is trapped in a cabin by a man who believes his father is a 7500 year old magician being kept alive by regular ingestions of the life force of an enemy, taken in a ritual way."

Rom wrote an interesting story with intriguing characters. Gil was close to me, somehow I couldn't get close enough to Leo. Gil and his mind is more exciting, Leo is just a blur in the story for me. The emotional connections and everything Gil did was so well written and everything came through. Gil isn't a dark or bad character, he just suffers - from what, that is still the question. 

"I think we are both pretending that everything is okay, that nothing outside of this snowbound bit of forest can impact on us, and that's fine. For now."

Gil and Leo's days in the mountains were really great, I loved reading about them and how close they got. Kidnapping turning into friendship then love. Leo's escape attempt, Gil's caring side toward Leo's vegetarian foods. The lazy days, the hot spring, the chain... Loved everything.

"When we get this sorted out, when he understands, whe he gets it, then we can be friends and I can make him smile like that again. I'm looking forward to that. I haven't had a friend before. Not really."

"Kidnapping is harder than I imagined." 

I loved Leo's questioning thoughts and that he was mentally present and knew that his feelings and his situation isn't healthy, but he went with the flow anyway. And Gil was so caring and patient. I awww'd many times over Gil and his actions. 

"Lock me up with a pretty madman and I'll forget all the meeting of minds and focus on the muscles. Another unpleasant discovery about myself."

Really loved reading the book, I couldn't put it down and I screamed when it ended. I really want the next book, that ending is a killer one! 

"Never fall in love with a psychologist, they never answer a question."

Ps. I highlighted 23 notes... (only posted 8 here)

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